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Welcome to Camp Lovecraft

Happy May Day everyone! Today is officially the end of the Season of the Sidewinder! However, as some of you may have seen, a mysterious totem appeared in the Monastery yesterday. This totem is known as the Harbinger, and he exists to signal the return of CampLovecraftOnline! Read on as we break down everything you'll need to know in order to be successful in this all-new world type that's coming to NirvanaOnline..... IMMEDIATELY!

Who's It For?

First of all, who is Camp Lovecraft built for? Well, it's built for our players, of course! This all-new world type is different from our usual Adventure Worlds, and it's a little bit different than what you might be expecting. Camp Lovecraft is a Social World. That means that it's built with limited combat, but that doesn't mean that it's not just as full of activities as other game worlds! Instead of using combat as the main focus of each of the activities, we chose to use skill and problem-solving to forge these activities. Some of the activities you can expect to find around camp Lovecraft include: a climbing wall, an obstacle course, 2 "parkour towers", a maze, a Hop-Putt course (the second of its kind). There's also all kinds of fun activities like taking a leisurely trip down the river and exploring the many cabins, campsites, ranger towers, bonfires, and other assorted additions to Camp Lovecraft

More specifically, we designed Camp Lovecraft for our Sandbox players. Those of you who come to NirvanaOnline as a place to experiment and enjoy your time without the pressure of taking on a new Vault or Raid, this world is for you. We know a lot of you are pretty heartbroken that a lot of your summer camps and other various activities are being canceled this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic, so this was our solution to help. We know it can't completely replace the thrill of going to summer camp, but we thought it this could at least provide you with a place to play and interact with your friends while we wait this out at home.

What's New?

If you've been with the NirvanaOnline family for long enough, you'll know that we originally pitched Camp Lovecraft in the form of "WildMountainOnline", and until yesterday it was even billed as such on the website. The reason why we decided not to release WildMountainOnline a couple of years ago revolved around the fact that there were some glaring design issues with the layout of the game world. It would make it difficult for future growth and expansion, and the world was littered with unfinished content and potential exploits. Then, yesterday morning construction started to shift. Yes, that's right, this started yesterday morning. As the subject of our latest speed build, we challenged ourselves to build an entire new game world IN A SINGLE DAY. Thankfully we managed to achieve that goal by salvaging some of what worked in Wild Mountain and porting it over to the new Camp Lovecraft world. If you've ever wondered what kind of things a single person can accomplish in a day, go ahead and jump into Camp Lovecraft right away. The takeaway?: You can accomplish incredible things when you put your mind to it. Never underestimate yourself.

So what's new and different with this new take on Wild Mountain? First of all, Wild Mountain isn't in it, but we'd love to add it in someday (maybe even later this summer). The same can be said for Lake Lovecraft, although there's now a river running through the camp, so we managed to keep some of that water-based gameplay intact. We scrapped about 30% of the original cabins and changed the layout of the camp pretty heavily. The only thing that remains in relatively the same place is the Kitchen, as you can still find it out behind the mess hall. Aside from those select buildings, everything else is brand-new, and was designed with our updated design principles in mind.

So Where's It Going?

Camp Lovecraft is going to be NirvanaOnline's first and foremost home for social gaming and roleplaying for the time being. It's also currently a Seasonal Game World, so right now our plan is to take it out of NirvanaOnline at the end of August when summer comes to a close (though if you wish to make a case for why we should keep it around longer, we're genuinely interested in hearing it). However, like our other Seasonal Game Worlds, you can be sure that Camp Lovecraft will be back next summer, and every summer after that.

Additionally, that's not all we'd like to answer, as we do have more plans for Camp Lovecraft moving forward. We already have new ideas for future expansions and regions that will include more of the same non-combat content, while also changing up those formulas a bit. We'd like to introduce hiking, white water rafting, and maybe even a few more functional sports (like Hop-Putt). We sure do love the climbing towers, so we'd love to keep adding more of those, but beyond that, you'll just have to wait and see. You can rest assured that Camp Lovecraft will continue to expand over the course of the summer, and if you've got any ideas in regards to what we should add, let us know!

The Summer of Nirvana 2020

As we head into the next Summer of Nirvana, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for sticking with us. We know it's a difficult time for many, but fortunately online gaming has allowed us to stay connected, and as long as you're still playing, we will keep providing new ways for you to connect with your friends, and new adventures to embark on together. EtheriaOnline will be launching on June 9th as the main course for our Summer of Nirvana feast, but we thought you'd enjoy a little surprise in the form of Camp Lovecraft before then. CampLovecraftOnline is now live on NirvanaNet servers, and is free for all NirvanaNet subscribers. Additionally, this weekend playing in Camp Lovecraft will earn you TRIPLE the Daily Rewards bonus! That means you get 15 Credits for every 20 minutes of play time! And, for this weekend only, NirvanaNet is free for everyone, so let your friends know and hopefully you'll have a little more company as you head off to summer camp starting tonight!


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