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24-player activities that require players to be at the top of their game. You will be tested. The mechanics will be unforgiving. You will not walk away unscathed...

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The Dark Reliquary

Deep beneath the Monastery lies the single-most dangerous collection of Dark Relics in the history of the Artificer's Guild. Descend into the lost vaults beneath the Monastery and secure the collection. Be wary, as the power of the relics has driven more than a few Keepers to the edge of insanity...


Bellatraux Laboratories

The original Bellatraux Laboratories has been hidden away in Zane Wyndham's workshop all along. What strange experiments could be taking place within the oldest parts of Zane Wyndham's workshop? Only those with the highest security clearance will find out...


The Orphanage of Xanadu

Orphan's cosmic fortress at the heart of Babylon hides some of the most disturbing secrets regarding the very fabric of NirvanaOnline. To rip open the sepulchers of discovery will require you to kill Orphan and everything that stands in your way. End Orphan and you end all of Nirvana...

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Emperor's Ascent



The Relinquished Crown



Burial At Sea


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