12-player activities that require bespoke player cooperation and problem-solving skills. Enter at your own risk, and prepared to be tested...

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Moon Falls

Moon Falls was the private residence of Adytum's superintendent, Alexzander Moon. He abandoned the place long ago when strange and mysterious occurrences began terrorizing his family...

Mr. Sandman's Citadel

Mr. Sandman's reign of terror over over Adytum must come to an end. His location has been discovered to be at the back of an ancient citadel. Gather your weapons and assault the citadel. You must end this.

The Wicked Wilds

The ancient witch Baba Yaga has risen from the dead and now her magical army threatens Chernobyl Carnivale. Are you brave enough to venture into the woods to stop this ancient threat?


Starfire Spire

The Starfire Spire has appeared above the High Hall of the Cosmos following the appearance of the Cosmic Rhapsody. Navigate the Cosmic Canton and kill the Cosmic Rhapsody before he unwinds the Cosmos and destroys the universe as a whole!


Dreameater was a nuclear bomb created by the U.S. government in the 1950s. To test out its immense power, they built a beautiful nuketown a few thousand feet away with the intent of blowing it up. You've been trapped within the nuketown and need to stop that bomb from detonating. It's as simple as that.


An abandoned necropolis on the outskirts of Mortieu was once used to house the city's dead, but when the High Houses started burying fallen soldiers there, they unleashed an ancient curse that threatens all of Mortieu...

Zone Zero

Bellatraux Enterprises built a plague machine in Ukraine that has been spewing a deadly bioaerosol infectant into the surrounding area for the last decade. Enter into the biospheres and find a way to shut down the machine and make off with the Vexation Relic it was built to protect.

Widow's Recluse

The spider queen Spydra has prepared a new assault on the city of Umbra, and this one is her most devious ever. Enter her most treacherous of sanctums and stop her assault in its tracks.

Novis Machina

This "strange machine" has laid dormant for decades. It was once Ikarus's most powerful weapon. Now someone has stoked the forges once more and this terrible machine threatens to destroy Ikarus and Adytum alike. Will you dismantle mankind's greatest creation to save these two cities?


Prospector's Hallow

What dark secrets and forgotten mysteries hide deep beneath the earth in an abandoned mineshaft? The miners who fell victim to an awful tragedy now haunt Prospector's Hallow, and they are prepared to die again if it means protecting their secrets...


Pantomime and Nocturne

Up is down. Down is up. What is that Melody? Where is that SYMPHONY???

Delve into the dark reaches of madness in search for a dark sonata, and answers that are plaguing the remaining inmates of Bellatraux Asylum. Hang on to your head and try not to lose it. The deeper you stare into the abyss, the deeper it stares into you...


The Bastion of Opulence

The Bastion of Opulence is Ifrit's seat of power in Etheria. He's welcomed you into his magnificent ziggurat to bask in his glory, but it seems as if you may have a larger purpose to play in his twisted cosmic scheme. Be wary, for Ifrit's Throne of Thorns may be just as beautiful as the dungeon below, but all is rarely calm in paradise...



The Keepers have made their choice. They took down Charlemagne, unleashed the curse, and destroyed a piece of Zane Wyndham, bringing Umbra down with it. Delve into Persephone, put an end to the curse, and attempt to make Zane Wyndham whole before all of Nirvana falls to the Charlemagne Curse!


The Halls of Technocracy

The High Technocrat and his mechanical masterpiece of a workshop are about to create something that could break all of NirvanaOnline: a new Xenogyre! Delve into his workshop and take down some of his most marvelous creations before taking down the High Technocrat himself! The fate of NirvanaOnline is at stake!


The Ace of Spades

Just outside New Hamenos lies an old sparring ground for debtors to the casinos to settle their debts. The ground here and the arena itself have been tainted by the blood spilled here over the years, and Lady Luck is furious. Battle your way through NirvanaOnline's first mini-Vault and take on an epic boss battle to write home about!


Mulligan Monty's Atomic Guillotine

Everyone's favorite resident maniac is back and this time he's come up with a hustle for the ages. He's set up a game show-style gauntlet in a series of old nuclear cooling towers near Chernobyl Carnivale, and now all he needs are some contestants. That's where you come in. He even claims that whoever wins his twisted little game will go home with a shiny new Vexation Relic!


Masquerade: Imperiale

You've received a mysterious invitation to attend a party for the ages. A shady figure they call "Magestic" claims to have not one, but THREE Vexation Relics for you. This grand soiree is most certainly more than it seems, but it may be worth checking out anyways...


Cryptid Catacombs

Buried deep beneath Roswell Carnivale lies an old crypt that been overrun by all sorts of legendary cryptids. Brush up on your cryptozoology skills, because the inordinate amount of strange creatures down there is sure to come with its own set of problems and surprises...


Keiki Kupua

The child gods of Sunali are eager to play with you, but first you'll need to answer the call. Complete any main questline around Zombies In Paradise and then head into their underground temple-fortress to entertain the gods. Play along with their antics and they'll be happy to reward you handsomely...


The Poltercryst

You've received a distress call from a Keeper in need of assistance by the name of Maxwell Shine. He was last seen entering a tear in reality on the north side of the Asylum and he needs you to either find a way to release him, or to kill him and end his suffering altogether...


Chimera's Kiln

The Elders tell of an ancient pottery kiln north of the Planes of Pestilence that possesses the power to CREATE Vexation Relics! Descend into the fiery depths of Chimera's Kiln and see if the rumors are true. This might be the most powerful tool in our arsenal against the Vexation Priests!


Iron Maiden

Bellatraux Enterprises has Relics. Not only do they have Relics, they've found a way to corrupt them and make them more powerful than we ever could have suspected. We've got to shut down their Strange Militia and turn the war for Nirvana back in our favor. Enter the Iron Maiden, destroy the source of the Corrupted Relics, and make it one piece. Actually, any fewer than six pieces is probably most ideal.


The Bestiary of Kings

NirvanaOnline's first Skirmish Vault arrives with the Arkoneux Sierra. In this epic 12-player struggle you'll fight 4 mini-bosses and one major boss. Fight the major boss whenever you'd like, but whenever you choose to fight him, all of the remaining mini-bosses will jump in and help him during the fight. This human zoo is teeming with danger and overflowing with strange oddities unlike anything you've seen before in NirvanaOnline...


Black Mamba

Challenge the Serpent Gods of Arkoneux by delving into their long-abandoned temple to steal the source of their power. The Mamba of Arkoneux is waiting for you at the top of his tower, but climbing the fabled spire won't be the difficult part, it will be finding it in the first place...