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Peacetime Merriment

It's been a long and brutal year and it's time for players to relax and enjoy some more lighthearted activities with their friends. The stakes are minimal but the presents and merriment are high! Come to Krampus March and join us in the Jubilation of the season!

A Time For Celebration

The Jubilation is a yearly festivity in the World of Nirvana designed to bring players together in a celebration of all the feats they've accomplished over the past year. Take part in a friendly snowball fight or challenge yourselves to fight off a zerg of enemies from the nearby Pulsis Ritual. If you're feeling truly feisty, there's even a massive new Raid for you!

A Winter Wonderland

It's a winter wonderland out here! From a frozen forest to a giant ice mountain to a wintery village to a massive ice spire, we've got you covered in the realm of winter sights and scenes. Now all we need is you, and the fun can begin!


Krampus March

Krampus March releases December 1st to bring the holiday joy to all players of NirvanaOnline. This quaint little snowy village brings all kinds of interesting new content and an icy overtone to NirvanaOnline this winter. Brave the frost and partake in the Jubilation and you'll go home with some wonderful new prizes to keep you entertained all year!