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Welcome to Briarwick

Briarwick Castle, the home of the most prestigious wizarding academy in all of Nirvana. This legendary castle is filled with all sorts of secrets and stories that will delight and amaze even the most intrepid explorers, adventurers, and sorcerers! Explore the castle and its dazzling depths, or venture out into the wilds around Briarwick to the village of Wickhaven, and even uncover more than a few adventures of your own out in the Forgotten Forest!


Class is in Session

Briarwick Castle is home to a number of brilliant professors whom are each skilled in a number of disciplines. Attend classes like Potions, Incantations, Cryptozoology, Herbology, Dueling, and Demonology! Each class comes with an unlockable spell and tons of rewards for increasing your grade level! Complete daily quests for your professors, or find other passive ways to get your grade up, it's all up to you!


Roleplay Your Way

NirvanaArcana is a role-playing world at its heart. Sorcerers will be able to move into their dorm rooms, interact with other students, attend lectures, complete class activities, learn spells, and explore the sprawling wilds around Briarwick Castle. Craft your own journey alone, or with friends! We give you the tools to decide your fate within the world of Briarwick!

Game Worlds: Product

Confront the Weird

A dark cosmic horror threatens Briarwick Castle. A mystical story unlike any other threatens to empower dark forces that would see Nirvana collapse from the inside out. Will you begin the investigations into the Weird and Watchful world of Briarwick? The headmaster of the school has gone missing, and your first endeavor will be to uncover where he has gone, and what sent him on this elongated journey...


The Dredgeway and Phoenix Pyre Aerie

NirvanaArcana arrives with it's share of secrets and grand adventures. Two of these are the Dredgeway Raid that takes sorcerers down into the dungeon drainage beneath the castle. Phoenix Pyre Aerie will task you with climbing to the top of a nearby peak to take on a rogue phoenix that's terrifying the students... and even the groundkeeper!


Unravel the [REDACTED]

Mysterious secrets lurk within the walls of Briarwick Castle. An auspicious portal stands resolute in the Restricted Archives. A mysterious orb in the dungeon beckons brave sorcerers toward its presence. Finally, a lost archive full of forbidden knowledge yearns to be unlocked by those foolish enough to investigate it...

NirvanaArcana Blank Background.png


NirvanaArcana is the first role-playing game world in NirvanaOnline history. Attend magical classes and unlock powerful spells and tools to take with you into the rest of NirvanaOnline. Find your home at Briarwick Castle and uncover the secrets of our most interactable world ever!

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