Klondike Nameplate Isolated.png

Welcome to the Klondike

Klondike Kove is the latest NirvanaOnline Seasonal Game World to enter the Suite. Available every February, you're invited to the subterranean cavern of Klondike Kove, which exists just beneath the surface of the Alaskan Klondike. The ceiling of the colony is even open, so snow occasionally drifts in, and glorious sunlight shines down into the cave each and every day.

Spring Has Arrived

The icy grips of winter have receeded and spring is now upon us. Trade in the snow and ice of Krampus March and you're left with a more relaxed (and wet) gaming environment. The ice and snow are still present, but they no longer captivate the entire backdrop of this Seasonal NirvanaOnline offering.

Welcome To The Meltdown

In addition to a wealth of other single-player content, Klondike Kove is home to a brand-new, 4-player Pinnacle Activity called "The Meltdown". Brave the chilly cool air as you dark between icy platforms and try not to drown! Survive long enough and you'll be handsomely rewarded!


Klondike Kove

Klondike Kove is a Seasonal Game World in the NirvanaOnline Suite. It will be available for the entire month of February each year, and brings with it a host of relaxing single-player content draped in a delightful menagerie of chilling mechanics and unique enemies. Come on down to Klondike Kove and experience The Meltdown for yourself!