How to Get Started

Click the link below to go to our Patreon site. Subscribe to our Patreon for at least $5 per month, and you'll be added to the NirvanaNet guest list! From there, you'll be emailed with information on how to log in through Minecraft!

Get started for just $5!

What is NirvanaOnline?

NirvanaOnline is a Minecraft-based MMORPG built using the Minecraft engine. It does require a paid Minecraft account to play, but we are not officially affiliated with Minecraft in any way.

It's a massive collection of open worlds that are expanded upon weekly, so our subscribers can log on every week and always expect something new to play!

How does it work?

When you log into NirvanaOnline, you'll be dropped into the Monastery. From here you can access the shop, craft gear, or head through one of the portals into one of our many game worlds. This is all processed through one of our NirvanaOnline servers at either a client location or through NirvanaNet available from our Patreon page.

What's all offered?

We've got a wide selection of game worlds for you to enjoy, plus many more on the way. Experience the dark and brooding atmosphere of our world recording-holding underwater city in Adytum. Trek through the dark and creepy caves in our underground colony of Umbra. Experience the wild west and its particularly strange elements in Sidewinder Springs. Explore the creepiness of Chernobyl Carnivale, or soar through our flying city of Ikarus.

Each of these game worlds is packed with dozens of hours of activities, with more being added monthly and even weekly!