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Welcome to the Safari

Welcome to the Arkoneux Sierra, the prime setting for ArkoneuxOnline. Network Nirvana's latest adventure unto the Dreamscape takes us to a wild and untamed safari located somewhere underneath Madagascar. This massive and varied game world takes inspiration from landscapes and cultures all over Africa to form this new grand adventure!


Down the Elevator

Players have spent the last year in search of the Great Elevator. The Keepers believed that the Elevator led to somewhere beyond the clouds, but in fact it's taken us to Wyndham's incredible underground oasis beneath Madagascar. The next step is to scour the Arkoneux Sierra in search of Wyndham's fabled Lost Workshop in search of answers surrounding the fabric of Nirvana as a whole...


Discover new Biomes

The Arkoneux Sierra is made up of a number of different biomes anchored by a mighty volcano in the center of the land. Explore new zones like the Savannah, the Wetlands, the Jungle, the Canyon, the Sulfur Springs, the Trench, the Grasslands, and many more! Each type of biome contains unique enemies to fight and creatures to interact with.


Wyndham's the Warden

To the Keepers' surprise, the Arkoneux Sierra is more than an underground oasis, because even paradise has shadows. The Arkoneux Sierra is a prison for those who have found their way to this surreal land. Poachers, treasure hunters, and innocent people are trapped in this underground megastructure. With a sky made up of a simulated sky, some of them aren't even aware they are underground. Will you free the people of the Sierra or leave them trapped within its walls?


Bad Juju and The IX

ArkoneuxOnline brings more launch Raids and Vaults than ever before. Bad Juju is a 4-player Raid that takes you into the heart of a dark ritual as a local tribe attempts to summon an ancient beast long lost to the Safari. The IX sends you to a series of ancient towers in search of a deeper meaning, only to find untold horrors and deceit have ruled the land for longer than we may ever know. Team up with friends to complete these two challenging 4-player activities!


Black Mamba, Equilibrium, and the Bestiary of Kings

ArkoneuxOnline also brings 3 new Vaults at launch. Head deep into the earth below to investigate a temple to the serpent gods of Arkoneux in Black Mamba. Attempt to dismantle a sentient machine that threatens to destroy the Sierra as we know it in Equilibrium. Finally, you'll need all your skills in our new Bestiary of Kings Vault that allows you to change the difficulty of the entire Vault with 5 different paths to victory, each more difficult than the next. Gather your friends for these activities, because you'll need 12 players to make it out alive and unscathed!


The Scar Awaits

NirvanaOnline's largest zone ever calls to you, and it's brimming with exploration opportunities! The Scar is Nirvana's first Apex Zone, meaning you'll need to bring 2-3 friends with you as you're exploring this massive canyon east of the Arkoneux Sierra. Every living creature you meet here want's to eat you, and not even for survival... they do it for fun. Venture into The Scar at your own risk and take on the armies and enemies you find there. With great risk comes greater rewards, as you'll encounter new treasures and Titles as your venture around The Scar. You'll even pick up a new endgame currency: The Vegnacrux...


Heresy: A Bedlam Calls to You...

On the eastern edge of The Scar lies an abandoned temple under three towers. This is what we call Heresy, and it's NirvanaOnline's first Bedlam. Venture into the depths of this necromantic lost city only if you're fully prepared and armed to the teeth. Bedlams are a new activity type that give Incursion-level difficulty and rewards but only require 6-8 players to complete, making them much more accessible. Be wary though, because the Bosses you'll encounter roaming around the Bedlams are all on the level of the Poltercryst's final boss. The regular enemies you find around here are more akin to Vault-level enemies with a bit of a devilish kick. Load up on Vegnatrex and Casket Baskets before you venture in here...


Arkoneux Awaits...

ArkoneuxOnline is the largest flagship game world launch in NirvanaOnline history. This epic land of mystery and bewilderment hides more secrets than you'll find here. Join us on June 1st as we throw open the gates and descend the Great Elevator. Enjoy a whole new style of 12-player Vault, our second 24-player Incursion, and up to 300 hours of exploration content scattered all around this glorious and record-smashing new addition to the NirvanaOnline Suite!

Arkoneux Background-01.png

The Arkoneux Sierra

The Arkoneux is a beautiful and dangerous place for those trapped inside. This summer Network Nirvana invites you to descend down the Great Elevator and discover an African paradise made up of several different biomes and infused with a multitude of cultures located around Africa. See you in the Safari, Keepers...