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Welcome to Setsunai

The Setsunai Dream has opened its metaphysical doors to the Keepers for the first time. Why this particular realm of Nirvana has invited the Keepers in, we may never know. This world is as massive and mysterious and you've come to expect from Nirvana. There are sure to be more than a few sanguine secrets to uncover about the existence of this dreamy and ethereal realm.


A Wild World of Whimsical Wonders

Setsunai is a massive world with a variety of content to engage in. From the Tower Takara 4-player Raid to Nirvana's first-ever Lair. Players will discover over a dozen unique activities to complete with new ways to interact with the world around them. Players will discover new ways to farm Myth and Macabre Cards, exciting new Gear Sets to collect, and tantalizing new secrets to uncover. All of this is wrapped in a world of wonder and whimsy unlike anything you've seen in NirvanaOnline before!


The Beauty of East Asia Awaits

SetsunaiOnline is a tribute to the beautiful and picturesque landscapes of Eastern Asia. Several parts of Setsunai were built with history and the importance of their respective cultures in mind. From the traditional Gassho Houses to the elegant pagodas that adorn the hills, the architecture here was created with great care and respect for the associated cultures. 

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Peace Among the Realm

While Setsunai is home to some of the most epic battles you'll encounter within NirvanaOnline, it's also home to a vast selection of more peaceful activities that aren't as combat-oriented. Navigate winding mazes or scale the skies with the new Parkour Pagoda challenges. Interact with the locals and uncover a number of shrines and temples hidden around the land. Your fate is yours to command when you enter SetsunaiOnline.


Shinobis, Strikes, and Sakura

Setsunai is a place of infinite possibilities and infinite adventures. New Strikes like the Serpent's Ascent, Kintsugi Dream, and Dragon's Descent await those intrepid adventurers who are brave enough to tackle them. Fight against armies of shinobis and take on the battalions of the shogun himself. Many of Setsunai's adventures are among the most bespoke capers ever crafted for NirvanaOnline!


Ronin's Gambit

The Last Ronin has quartered himself in his cosmic fortress on the edge of the Setsunai Dream. It's up to the Keepers to assault his fortress and bring an end to his nefarious plans before all of Setsunai can be wrestled into submission to upper cosmos. Take the fight to Ronin in this epic 12-player Vault that will force players to work together in ways that they'd never expect from NirvanaOnline...



SetsunaiOnline is a massive and gorgeous open world based on East Asian cultures and histories. Take on a dazzling slate of new adventures in all-new types of content designed to entice players of all preferences. Immerse yourself in a melodic menagerie of new content that will never cease to leave you in absolute awe...

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