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Game Worlds: Product

A Dismal Darkness

The jungles that surround Etheria are just as vicious as some of the monsters that lurk within the tombs. Unfortunately, you'll need to pass through portions of the jungle to gain access to some of the more precious tombs and artifacts, so you'll want to come prepared. You'll want to come VERY prepared.


Pantomime and Poltercryst

EtheriaOnline brings two new group activities. The Ark of Exile Raid takes players to a collection of cantons marooned in the middle of the jungle meant for the city's exiled inhabitants. The Bastion of Opulence takes player's into the King's grandiose temple of decadence and luxury.


The Depths of Madness

Trade and commerce are of paramount importance to the people of Etheria. Strike up a good deal with one of the villagers and you might walk away with a treasure, or a piece of trash. You never know what weird and wonderful delights lie around every corner of this vast and magical paradisaical city.


The Asylum

The Asylum is a mysterious game world that can only be accessed by visiting the Halls of Divination at the top of the hour. Delve into the depths of madness and the macabre. If you're lucky, you might just emerge only slightly deranged!

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