Roswell Carnivale Isolated.png

A New Vault and Raid

Defuse an atomic bomb and invade a 1980s nuketown in Dreameater, and save a suburban neighborhood from total destruction at the hands of the cutest little monsters you've ever seen in Pipsqueek Panic!

Ride The Rides

The Funfair is full of fun rides to indulge in. The dueling roller coasters make for a fun ride, and the merry-go-round and tilt-a-whirl are sure to be the adoration of the little ones!

Extra-Terrestrial Encounters

Fight 7 new alien World Bosses at the Crop Circles and get abducted by the flying saucers they call home. You'll want to grab every piece of this exotic new gear set before Roswell disappears off the map forever!


Play The Games

The brand-new Midway Island is full of nooks and crannies to explore and mini games to enjoy. There will be prizes to earn and loot to take home. Save up your tickets and you might just score the biggest prize of all!

Oddities Galore

There's so much to experience and explore around Roswell Carnivale that you're not going to want to miss it. From an abandoned factory to a massive mothership, there's no shortage of strange delights for you to experience!

Roswell Carnivale

Roswell Carnivale is a temporary game world and will only be available from April 10th to April 24th 2019. You're not going to want to miss everything we have in store. The entire game world is in the vision of a 1950s creature feature, so expect a lot of vintage movie tropes and more. You're going to absolutely adore it, we promise!