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4-player activities that require player cooperation and advanced combat skills

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Freddie Fontaine's Funhouse Fracas

One of the oldest attractions at Chernobyl Carnivale is now under new management. Freddie Fontaine is here and he's got quite the game brewing for those interested in acquiring a spectacular prize.

Dreamer's Descent

What happens when one of the Founders of Ikarus descends into madness? Uncover the strange mystery of the Founder's Canton and find a way off the Canton before the madness infects you as well... [CRYPTED]

Sweet Tooth Sanctorium

It's a flying chocolate factory. Need we say more? Fine, we will. This is the factory that mixes Ikarian chocolate with Strange Spice for some truly sweet results. Embark on the most succulent of journeys upon the Confectionery Canton and try not to lick the chocolate...

Game Worlds: Product

Moon Falls: 2035

Set 35 years after the events of the Moon Falls Vault, Moon Falls: 2035 invites players back into the chaotic mess that was left over after the bombs dropped on Adytum. Climb the Moon Falls tower and put the park to rest once and for all!

Erstwhile Horizon:

World's End

Travel through the mysterious fourth hall of the Second Monastery and out beyond the edge of the world in search for Doctor Fransisco's hidden resting place. Watch your step and heed your sight and you might just make it...


Erstwhile Horizon:

Ventril Cognitum

Descend deeper into the arcades and broken atriums that lie beneath the Monastery. Delve deep enough into the depths of the madness and you may just uncover a few secrets and a few instruments to aid in the Artificer's Guild's survival in the coming war...


Erstwhile Horizon:

Scarlet Spindle

Emperor Ifrit hid one of his most valuable possessions somewhere within the Erstwhile Horizon. A new area of the Horizon has just opened its doors. Could this be where Ifrit hid his next gift? Go exploring and see what you can uncover for the Guild, Keeper.

Wyrd Timberland

Out in the overgrown forests that lay on the outskirts of Chernobyl Carnivale lies the area known as Wyrd Timberland. Trek through the trees and maybe avoid those weird totems if you hope to make it through these woods alive... [CRYPTED]

Chiller's Peak

Chiller's Peak is the massive, intimidating mountain that looms over Frostcent Village. Take to the slopes and scale the incredible mountain in the effort to take down Krampus himself once and for all. Happy holidays, and have a festive fight!

Blacksite: Storm 51

Descend deep into the bowels of Area 51 with this unique new Raid. Travel through a massive exhaust tunnel and make your way through Cold Storage to the innermost chambers of the labs. Make it out alive and claim some truly out-of-this-world loot!

The Shrieking City

Beneath the Pripyat Towers Hotel lies a dark secret of agony and anguish. The Shrieking City was once home to a cult formed by the people of Chernobyl who believed they could resist and adapt to the radiation. What's left of them down here isn't pretty, but it would seem that they stored away something that the outside world actually wants...

The Dirge of Orpheus

The underground Bellatraux supermax prison located near Umbra has finally opened its ugly doors and reared its awful head to the world. Enter the prison through an excavation tunnel and battle your way through cell blocks and panopticons until you can bring an end to this horror once and for all!

Tunnel of Love

The Tunnel of Love in Chernobyl Carnivale has finally opened its doors once again! This time its taken the form of a vicious gauntlet concocted by a devastated Bloody Mary and her Haunted Hearts. Take a ride down the river and try not to get your heart broken... literally.

The Jaws of Dionysus

The depths of the sea near New Dionysus have been torn open and an ancient enemy lays in wait on the horizon. Battle your way through the parted sea and take down this new foe before a devastating tsunami is unleashed upon New Dionysus.


The Ark of Exile

Emperor Ifrit has invited you to the east side of Etheria to investigate the old cantons belonging to those whom Etheria has ostracized. He's proposed a little game. Get to the deepest darkest crevice beneath the Ark and you'll earn his favor. So what if you've got to kill a few of the exiled along the way. That's just the cost of doing business, right?


Charlemagne: The Harrowed Halls

In an abandoned section of the old Charlemagne necropolis lies a long-hidden secret unbeknownst to the Keepers. Descend deeper beneath the necropolis and emerge victorious with the keys to unlocking the Curse of Charlemagne...


Zone Zero: Pandemic Paradise

It's been 13 years since Zone Zero was destroyed by the Keepers. Now we're being called back to examine some construction that's been taking place within its remains. Someone has terraformed one of the biodomes into a giant paradise... The only catch? You've got to remain six feet apart, or risk being poisoned by the biospheres...


Blood Rush

An ancient blood ritual is taking place in the tubes of the old Blood Rush ride at Chernobyl Carnivale. Bloody Mary is attempting to reopen the ride, but first she needs you to delve into the inner workings of the ride to clear out the cultists and/or stop the blood ritual. Honestly, she just wants the quick and easy solution, not the most permanent...


Shiverland Mountain

Once again Bloody Mary requires your help opening up a new area of Chernobyl Carnivale. Run through the old Shiverland Mountain ride and clear out any obstructions and potentially kill off the yeti we hear may be inhabiting the cave at the top of the mountain. If you happen to die, could you make sure your corpse at least doesn't fall onto the tracks?


Pipsqueek Panic!

So, a suburban cookie cutter neighborhood near Roswell Carnivale has been overrun with... Pipsqueeks? You'll have to go take a look at what might be causing this innumerable pests to cast havoc across this usually quiet area, and put a stop to it. Something about this feels Vexation in nature, but which of the Vexation Priests would do something of this sort?


Mr. Sandman's Citadel: Basilica of Bones

It's been 20 years since Mr. Sandman was cast out of Adytum and sent back to Empyrium where he belongs, but now there are whispers in the dark corners of the city that someone is picking up where the Sandman left off. Enter into his Citadel once again and investigate the Basilica of Bones to find out if there be any truth to these myths...



Deep within the outer reaches of Underspire rests the entrance to the Mayan underworld: Xibalba. Descend into Xibalba and come out the other side bearing..... Riches? Knowledge? Power? Actually, there's really no clue why Ifrit wants you to head down there, just don't question it...


The Tower of Tears

Orphan's magnificent manifestation of Zane Wyndham's sadness has gotten out of control. Work your way through the canyons and crevices surrounding Xanadu and ascend the Orphanage to confront the corrupted entity that's polluting the Tower of Tears before Babylon grows even harder to tame...

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