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A City in the Sky

Ikarus is as beautiful as it is impossible. We built paradise and made it fly, but no paradise is without a cloudy day here or there. Explore the cantons of Ikarus and see just what storms wait on the city's vast and tumultuous horizon.

A Wild New Culture

Ikarian culture is pretty different from our own, and new World Bosses like the Court of Misrule will help you immerse yourself in it. Find yourself lost in the myths and legends that rule this City of the Skies. 

Bright and Beautiful

Ikarus is designed to be a fantastic starting location for our new players. Natural mob generation has been disabled, giving players a chance to explore and engage in a semi-peaceful environment. Whereas many of our other game worlds are dark and gloomy, Ikarus is bright and brilliant.

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A Whole New World

Beautiful new scenery like what you might find on the Vineyard Canton is all over Ikarus. Take in the gorgeous level design with our first full daylight cycle found in a NirvanaOnline game world. Just make sure to look where you're going as you take in the sights, or you might just walk right off the edge!

Fight the Cosmos

When you've tackled everything else there is to explore in Ikarus, one massive fight remains. The Starfire Spire Vault will challenge everything you've learned on your adventures throughout the city. Come prepared, and leave with the best treasures in the game; if you live to tell the tale, that is.


Ikarus is our fantastic flying metropolis released in June 2018. We continue to support and expand the flying city week by week with new levels and experiences overall. Jump in to IkarusOnline and see what new adventures await you...

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