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Welcome to the Ghost Dimension

Welcome to the Ghost Dimension, the Land of Liminal Undeath, the Spectral Sideways. Call it whatever you want, but this realm is not for the faint of heart. The spectral essence flows overhead while ghosts and ghouls stalk the lands below. Move carefully, and try not to wake The Sleeping Ones. Be wary of your surroundings at all times, and always make it back to Necropolis or Arkham. There are so few safe havens in a place as dastardly as this.


Join Forces with Maxwell Shine

Maxwell Shine has spent the last 4 years within the Poltercryst. He's come to know its constantly-shifting shapes and landscapes. You'll need to team up with him if you are to have any hopes of finding and defeating Mr. Longfingers once and for all. Maxwell Shine will appear in the spawn hub of Necropolis and will act as your guide as your traverse the treacherous landscape of The Poltercryst!


Offer Your Fingers To Arkham

You'll start out your adventure in the hub city of Necropolis, but intrepid Keepers my find their way to the far edges of the Poltercryst to the gothic village of Arkham. This village features a prominent church where you'll meet the Disciple of Fingers. He gives you the option to offer your Fingers to the Church of Longfingers in exchange for extra challenge in many activities around the Poltercryst. Complete activities with as few fingers as possible to claim highly-increased rewards!

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Fight Your Fears

Each part of the Poltercryst is divided up into a different type of phobia. Arachnophobia, hydrophobia, nyctophobia, you name it. The Poltercryst is a physical personification of fear and Mr. Longfingers has shaped it as the perfect hunting ground to marinate his victims with fear. Enter vast, fragmented regions that feel like a dissected dream. Autopsy Acres and the Red Ward will challenge your sense of direction as your traverse their splintered landscapes.


Nekropolis, Red Sematary, and Aria Incognita

New 4-player Raids arrive to challenge the bravest of groups. Climb an ancient temple on the edge of a crumbling canyon in Nekropolis. Uncover the hidden source of the Madhouse Melody in Aria Incognita. Finally, delve into the graveyard of Keepers who've been consumed by Mr. Longfingers in Red Sematary.


The Root Canal, Gossamer, Last Will, and Oneirophobia

Prepare yourself in the fight against Mr. Longfingers by conquering epic new 12-player Vaults like the sinister spider city of Gossamer, the wretched halls of the Root Canal, the darkness citadel of Oneirophobia, or the mausoleum embodiment of Zane Wyndham's final wishes in Last Will. Keep in mind, the Poltercryst is a wild, untamed place. New Vaults may be hiding within the deepest of shadows around the Land of Liminal Undeath...


Eviscerate The Crown

Those Keepers who are looking for the apex challenge in the Poltercryst should turn their attention to the southern reaches of the Court of Ruxalka where the Relinquished Crown lies. This ancient relic serves as one of the main sources of Mr. Longfingers' power. Invade the dark fortress and destroy the Crown... No matter what the cost...


Unleash the Taken Armory

In one of our most desperate measures, the Artificers have authorized Maxwell Shine to re-ignite the Taken Forge. This shadowed reflection of one of Ifrit's most prized atrocities has been specifically designed to corrupt and enhance any weapon presented to it. Weapons like the Nightmare's Knell, Dreadforge, and Proclivity can be upgraded to Perfekted versions of themselves with enhanced powers.


Slay the Primeval Incarnate

Once you've upgraded your arsenal and the time loop has been closed, it's time to strike straight at the heart of darkness. Mr. Longfingers awaits you in his dark citadel, and it'll take everything you've got to put an end to him once and for all. For those that are able to complete the task, those Keepers will be showered in treasures, loot, and gear beyond their wildest imaginations.



Welcome to the Poltercryst. You're in the ghost dimension now, and fear is the name of the game. Traverse awful, horrid environments filled with the most insidious ghosts and ghouls. Embark on an adventure to slay Primeval Incarnate with the help of Maxwell Shine himself. You've been tasked with putting a halt to the extinction of all Keepers. Our end has begun...

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