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Welcome to the
Rogue Waters

The Rogue Waters are a vast region amongst the Seventeen Seas in which piracy, pillaging, and otherwise nautical debauchery are in a renaissance! Start your adventure by grabbing a Voyage and setting out from one of the three main Ports and Outposts. Sail to islands filled with mystery and intrigue, or just pillage and plunder to your heart's content! The choice is all yours!


Respectable Folk Not Welcome Here

Port Scurvy is the third-most civilized pirate town on the Seventeen Seas. Meet a weird, whacky, and wonderful cast of hilarious pirate characters. Fill up your tankard with grog at the local tavern, or meet the mayor of Port Scurvy! While you're in town, visit one of the Trading Companies and grab a Voyage that'll take you on a swashbuckling adventure unlike anything you've seen anywhere else in Nirvana!


Treasure and Horizons Await

Rogue Waters is Nirvana's next role-playing world. This means that the choices are yours, and adventures are what you make them out to be! Explore 30+ different islands, each with their own points of interest, characters, activities, and more! Strikes, Dungeons, Arenas, Pulsis Rituals and more also make appearances throughout!

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Take Back The Garrisons

The Pillager's Pact is just one of the many Trading Companies you'll buy Voyages from in the Rogue Waters. They need your help taking back their Sea Garrisons from the pirate crews that have overtaken them. Head out into these 6 different Garrisons and slay enough enemies to draw out the Garrison Captain. Once you've killed the Captain, his prizes and plunder are yours for the taking! Raid their Treasury and then bring the loot back to the Pillager's Pact for a great payout!


Dead Man's Tale: Journey to Davy Jones' Locker

Coming this November. Nirvana's next Wonder Heist is here. Assemble a collection of Cursed Skulls from across the Rogue Waters and take the fight to Davy Jones himself. The pirate afterlife is brimming with lost treasures and ghostly plunder. Experience new mechanics and view incredible vistas as you break into the pirate afterlife in search of the ultimate treasure...


Purify Isla Tomada

Coming this December. Isla Tomada was once the island home of a long-forgotten Spanish conquistador. Now, it's been taken over by a dark corruption. The pirate lords of the Seventeen Seas need your help purifying the island, and putting an end to the reign of the corrupted Kraken that's terrorizing the island. This 12-player Vault comes packed with all of the usual rewards, badges, weapons, armor, titles, and cosmetics you come to expect!


Rogue Waters

Rogue Waters is the next role-playing game world in NirvanaOnline. Set sail for swashbuckling fun as you take on new Voyages for one of the many Trading Companies, and return to port with your troves of treasure that will help you to amass your pirate fortune...

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