A Dangerous Cult

James Mars and his followers have set up shop in a rural county somewhere in the western United States. Zane Wyndham's Phantom Hour is upon us. Come to Marstown and help take down the cult before it's too late. Time might have already run out, but the Phantom Hour is still in effect and the Culling is about to begin...

A Missing Village

The people of the nearby village have mysteriously disappeared into the night. Were they taken by the cult or are they simply their newest recruits? Either way, it's not safe around these parts. It's probably best not to be caught outside after dark, so either find some shelter or get out of Marstown before sunset...

The Repentance

Marstown holds its fair share of secrets, and one of the worst lies within the Repentance, an all-new 4-player Pinnacle Activity. Fight off waves of enemies while your playspace continues to shrink. Don't be caught in the burning flames of Repentance or it's game over...



Come join us for some spooky fun when MarstownOnline drops on October 1st. Take down an evil cult and defeat their enigmatic ruler before their dangerous ideals consume the minds of all around them! The Phantom Hour is upon us, take action or take shelter...

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