Game Worlds You're Going To Love


Dive into the deep water of our underwater city to discover the many quagmires of the world's largest underwater Minecraft utopia.


Dig deep into our underground colony to uncover the secrets of the mysterious fountain of youth!


Sidewinder Springs is a wild west odyssey set in the old west, telling the story of the mysterious Comstock Treasure and the boom towns that appeared in search of it.



Chernobyl Carnivale will take you into the darkest depths of fear and madness in a carnival set outside Chernobyl, Ukraine. Coming in 2017


Set in the famous city of the skies, IkarusOnline will take players to the clouds to take on a whole new challenge unlike anything else in NirvanaOnline...


Travel back in time to a lakeside summer camp set against the backdrop of the 1960s. Roleplay with your friends or take on one of the many challenges around the camp. Either way, it's going to be a summer to remember.


This incredible new limited-time game world is only around for a short while, but it brings with it all kinds of out-of-this-world fun. Engage with aliens, defuse an atomic bomb, investigate strange secrets, and so much more...

Mortieu: The Dusklight City

Mortieu was once a place of research and answers, but now it's a desolate warzone on the Moon. Located in Mare Imbrium, players will fight for their lives and for powerful rewards the likes of which have never existed before...


A creepy cult and an enigmatic leader. An abandoned village and a dark secret. Marstown has its secrets in spades, and it'll take surviving until sunrise to uncover those. Can you survive the night and claim the prize?


Get away from the doom and gloom and celebrate in the festivities of the season! Visit Frostcent Village and have a snowball fight with your friends or explore an underground ice cave. For those brave enough, try your hand at climbing up Krampus March and fighting against Krampus himself!


Welcome to the Klondike, welcome to the Meltdown. This mini seasonal game world is set in the southern Alaskan and filled to the brim with springtime adventures! Winter is over and the snow is melting, so lets explore what lies beneath in Klondike Kove!


Fancy yourself a swim in the ocean or a quick dive with the dolphins? Have you ever wanted to vacation in a tropical paradise surrounded by a gorgeous waterfall everywhere you look? Well now you can! New Dionysus hosts the 2020 HacylyonRave celebration, so come check out what all we have to offer while you still can!


Lost in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula lies an ancient Mayan temple city with a dark secret. Venture here in search of a long-lost relic known as the Rose-Colored Box. Any who lift its lid are said to be driven mad. Will you be next?...