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Clicking the button below will take you to our Patreon page where you can subscribe to NirvanaOnline and get going right away! You'll be given 3 subscription options. Subscribing to either the $5 or $8 plans will get you access to NirvanaOnline!

Don't forget to include your Minecraft username when the signup asks you for it, that way we can get you in the game right away!


Network Nirvana is a game design company located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Because we are a small business, we can promise you that every cent you spend on subscriptions goes toward making NirvanaOnline bigger and better! You're helping us to pay artists, designers, coders, and developers to create new and exciting content that you can enjoy for years to come.

Additionally, subscribing to NirvanaOnline gets you access to the exclusive Hotel Havok expansion pack, the Heiram Heights expansion pack, the Vista Dorado expansion pack, the Widow's Recluse 12-player Vault, access to the Subscriber Lounge, and additional Discord benefits! Thank you for subscribing to NirvanaOnline, and we'll see you online soon!

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