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Welcome to New Hamenos

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic oasis of New Hamenos. This city, built on the remnants of old-world Las Vegas, is filled with all the glitz and glamour that the New American Wasteland has to offer. Wayward travelers come from all over to spend their hard-earned dollars at the casinos with the promise of forgetting their troubles, even if only for a few hours. Enjoy the old-world glamour of New Hamenos!


A Broken Metropolis

Once a massive, bustling metropolis, New Hamenos was the site of horrendous earthquakes sometime during the New American Apocalypse. Many of the buildings were shaken to ruins, or caught fire. Some of the infrastructure has been rebuilt to its former glory, but much of the city is a husk of what it once was. Explore vast complexes of old-world ruins and see what treasures you can dig up along the journey through the past!


Blackjack's Gambles

Head to the Atlas Casino in the heart of New Hamenos and meet the mysterious stranger known as Blackjack. He will present you with a new type of challenge: Gambles. Purchase a Gamble contract from him and he will send you to three random challenges around NirvanaOnline. Complete all three challenges before the day is over and reap incredible rewards!

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Greater Challenges

Vast challenges await those with the heart to take them on. Are you willing to do what it takes to secure some of the greatest prizes New Hamenos has to offer? Compete in a wild gameshow-like challenge in the Ace of Spaces 12-player Vault, or venture out into the Death Valley 4-player Raid. Traveling alone? Make the great escape through the city in the Escape From New Hamenos Apex Strike! Each presents its own rewards and challenges to delight groups of all sizes!


Venture Beyond The Glitz and Glamour

New Hamenos may not be too much to look at these days, but the wasteland beyond its walls is far worse. Venture out into The Scorch beyond New Hamenos to encounter bandits, hidden treasures of the golden age, and even lost wonders and even a tropical oasis hidden beyond the wastes.



NewHamenosOnline whisks players to the burnt-out remnants of old-world Las Vegas. In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, anything goes. Bandits roam the streets, the casino families make the rules, and the husks of old skyscrapers are playgrounds for anarchy. New Hamenos tells the tale of the New American Apocalypse and gives players their first glimpse into the world beyond its end. This world is only available to players who have unlocked VIP status by collecting Echelons from other game worlds in NirvanaOnline.

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