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Terrific Territories

The landscapes around the territories of Sidewinder Springs are packed with interesting locales like Dungeons, Strikes, Arenas, and some wild new World Bosses. You might even stumble upon an abandoned mineshaft or dried up riverbed or two.

A Wild, Wild West

Mosey into the town of Sidewinder Springs, or maybe visit one of the nearby towns to start some trouble. Tombstone and Outlaw Gulch are filled with outlaws and bandits, but Fort Atlas and Black Rock Ridge are home to some more honorable folk.

Canyons and Cowboys

Whether you wish to play the role of Lawman or Outlaw, Cowboy or Crook, Sidewinder Springs has something for you. Take to the hills or canyons in search of treasure and bandits, and live to tell the tale of the greatest that that wild west has to offer.

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Sidewinder Springs

Sidewinder Springs is a mini game world designed to entertain players for hours on end. Use it as the perfect roleplay setting with your friends or tackles a few of the levels you'll find dotted around. Keep looking and you might even find a lost trove hidden among the hills...

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