Colony of the Lost

An underground city and an ancient secret, need we say more? The people of Umbra are a mysterious and exotic bunch, but the fact that they have been alive for 100 years and are unable to remember much of their past is certainly something to look in to.

Ancient Ruins

The ruins of Lazarus and his incredible aqueducts can be found scattered throughout the city. Learn about these strange places and attempt to uncover their secrets. Divination and destruction go hand in hand around the underground city.

Temples and Trials

Temple Trials are our new game mode that can be found only in Umbra. Enter these mythic ruins and uncover their illusive tricks to discover treasures unbeknownst to mortal men.


Darkness Consumes

From the Bastion of Crows to the Circle of Shadows, you'll find darkness and light wherever you go. Though the light is more alluring, you find the greatest of treasures hiding in the dark...

Danger Unrelenting

There are traps and puzzles littering the city, ready for those who are willing to uncover them in full. Take on new Strikes, Arenas, Mazes, a new Raid, Dungeons, and more! You'll never be bored in a city of discoveries, danger, and darkness!


The Lost Colony of Umbra and its people have been around for a very long time. The people of Umbra have been alive for over a hundred years, and they don't appear to be aging. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery and bring light to the darkness?