The Great Outdoors

Venture into the wilderness or cozy up around a campfire. Camp Lovecraft take's players back in time to a lakeside summer camp inspired by the works of the great H.P. Lovecraft. Explore sights and locales like never before in this unique mini game world.

Beware the Ranger

Up in one of the firewatch towers that overlooks the camp is the fierce Ranger. The campers fear him and the camp counselors report to him. If he catches you outside after dark he'll send you home for the summer, so you'd better be sure to behave!

An All-New Social Environment

Camp Lovecraft is not like our average Adventure worlds. This is a new Social world, where the activities focus on non-combat related skills. Grab a golf club and try out the Hop-Putt course, or test your parkour skills in one of the parkour tower courses, the possibilities are endless, and the decisions are all yours!


Camp Lovecraft

Camp Lovecraft and the surrounding wilderness oddities are a vast and beautiful pair. Hike up dangerous mountains or go canoeing across the beautiful Lake Lovecraft. Explore the nearby town of Sunshine or venture deep into the woods after dark. Your adventures around the camp are endless, as is the summer!