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A Park of Delights

Ride the rides at the Funfair or play the games at the Midway. There's always going to be something new to uncover. The roller coaster is a little rickety but it still works, and the merry-go-round still passes every minimum acceptable safety standard! You should be good to start exploring, but be wary of the danger (and the monsters are vicious too).

Mystery and Allure

Locales like the Hall of Mirrors make you question what's real and what is all part of the illusion. Be careful as you traverse the park, as you never know what terrors await you around every corner, or stalk you from behind...

Extra-Terrestrial Encounters

Every environment is made to feel just as weird and delightfully strange as you'd hope. Places like the Diabolical Den and the House of Horrors keep you on your toes as you never know what to expect as you round every corner.

Game Worlds: Product

Macabre Performances

Enter the Freakshow and investigate every tent. Every freak and performer has a story to tell, and most of them intend to do so with a blade in hand. Defeat all of the World Bosses around the park to take home a full set of Salt Prophet weapons and armor.

Wicked Wilderness

The forests and wilderness that surrounds Chernobyl has been warped and mystified by radiation. Deep within the woods lies a horrific witch and her magical army. Grab 11 more friends and enter the Wicked Wilds Vault in search of loot and treasures galore!

Chernobyl Carnivale

Chernobyl Carnivale is one of our major game worlds in NirvanaOnline, and definitely a fan favorite. We love developing it as much as our players love to explore and play it. It's so full of life and character, that no matter how long you spend there, you'll always discover something new!

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