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Welcome to Area 51

Welcome to Dreamland Carnivale... Welcome to post-apocalyptic Area 51. Bloody Mary has packed up Roswell Carnivale and moved out to the remnants of Area 51. This is her last Carnivale, and this is the big score she's been planning since the beginning. What secrets lie beneath the surface of Area 51, and what lies beneath Bloody Mary's web of secrets?... Everything will be declassified in Dreamland Carnivale...


Laboratories and Blacksites

Dark and dismal abyssal laboratories hide some of the darkest secrets of the old United States Government. Missile test sites, dudes-in-tubes, and toxic chemical refineries are just some of the wild attractions you'll find hidden around Dreamland. Explore Dreamland at your own risk, and just be ready to wield the rewards your find in the abandoned complexes that lie beneath the surface.


The Craziest Carnivale Yet

Dreamland Carnivale is our craziest and wildest Carnivale yet! It's post-apocalyptic Area 51, and all of the rides in the carnival are made out of abandoned secret government experiments. Need we say more? Giant satellite dishes cover the landscape, the Nellis Air Base sits in the middle of the area, and endless laboratories and hidden archives stretch deep below the surface, to top it all off!

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Declassified Dungeons

Hidden throughout and beneath Area 51 are a wide variety of dungeons. Apex Dungeons like Prototype: Pegasus and Warehouse 76 are some of the largest dungeons in the game, and contain some of the most innovative new Gear Sets. Keepers who delve into these radical new spaces will need to be aware of the risks (and also the rewards) associated with claiming such scientifically cutting-edge hardware.


Blacksite Excavation

With the advent of Public Events in NirvanaOnline, Dreamland Carnivale is ready to play. Cryptid Excavation is just one of the many group challenges found around Area 51. Players are invited to head into the tunnels around the area to locate specialized shovels that will allow them to start excavating the ground around the giant skeleton in the middle of the area. Dig all of it out before time runs out and players will be greatly rewarded!


Delve Into The Unknown

12-player Vaults like Chemokinesis Prime and NEMESIS are some of the greatest and most mechanical challenges to date. Players will need to be fully prepared before heading into these immense challenges. 4-player Raids like Terminal Exigent will test and reward players for their efforts in stopping a world-ending threat to New America!



Dreamland Carnivale is the third Carnivale in the Chernobyl Carnivale franchise, and takes players to the previously-abandoned remnants of Area 51. Engage in all-new antics as you explore the laboratories, testing facilities, blacksites, and lost archives that makes up some of the strangest history of the United States Government.

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