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The Summer of Nirvana 2017

It's that time of year again! Today marks the 7th anniversary of Network Nirvana. Can you believe that we have been delivering you great gaming content for 7 years now? We sure can't! As a way to celebrate this amazing day, we are happy to announce the Summer of Nirvana 2017.

The Summer of Nirvana 2017 is a collection of gaming content that will be released into NirvanaOnline and into game guide form. We will start with the NirvanaOnline Dungeon Pack Update.

Over the past few weeks, we have been experimenting with releasing "test dungeons" into some of our client servers. These have actually been a major part of the first new game mode we will be introducing as part of the Summer of Nirvana. Dungeons are open spaces within the game worlds that feature named enemies and bosses and are designed to drop loot that is part of a cohesive gear set. Each dungeon has at least one unique gear set that can only be obtained within that dungeon. The NirvanaOnline Dungeon Pack Update comes with the newly-reworked Magnificon Centrata dungeon in AdytumOnline, the Dead Man's Mine dungeon in SidewinderOnline, and the Old Umbra Sewers dungeon in UmbraOnline!

Next, let's take a look at the other new game mode coming to NirvanaOnline in June...

Bellatraux Vaults have existed in the World of Nirvana lore for quite some time now, and we have finally decided that it's time to bring them to NirvanaOnline! These 12-player activities will test players with the hardest and most brutal mechanics in the game. It's highly unlikely that players will survive this epic feat, but those who do can expect some incredible rewards.

Moon Falls is set in the private property of the city's enigmatic leader, in a sort of state park environment. Moon built a replica of his childhood home in Adytum, and players will be able to dive in and unlock its mysteries when Moon Falls launches in June!

This next reveal is our personal favorite.

Atlas Reef is the expansion that we have been working towards since AdytumOnline launched almost a year ago. Atlas Reef takes players into the final months of Adytum before the bombs dropped on the city. Players will get to dive into iconic new locations like the Sinclaire Department Store and the Gardens of Everice and Avalon, and even some of the seedier parts of the reef that exist beneath the shining spectacle. Atlas Reef includes two new dungeons, two strikes, a new Elder Trial, a new arena, and eight new districts!

Additionally, Atlas Reef is an expansion for the Adytum: Redux game guide. The game guide is 32 pages long and delves into further detail regarding the functions and history of Atlas Reef. The Atlas Reef game guide will be available for pre-order soon. Stay tuned at the NirvanaShop for more information when it becomes available.

Sprinkled throughout the month of June are a few more content drops in the form of game packs. These two game packs will deliver more themed content in a bite-sized chunk that's just enough to keep players busy throughout the week with content that will keep them coming back. Each pack has three new activities that will challenge and delight players. More details will be released on these as we get closer to release.

One of the last things we are going to give you a sneak peek at is the Lazaurs Bridge expansion pack that will be coming to UmbraOnline this July, and it's coming exclusively to the Cedar Falls Public Library!

Lazarus Bridge extends the main story of UmbraOnline by inviting players to discover a new Fountain of Youth that has the ability to raise the dead and restore life to the lifeless. This incredible expansion will add a new dungeon, two new strikes, and a new raid. Umbra will never be the same after Lazarus Bridge drops in July. We will begin to reveal more about the expansion as we creep closer to release, but we will provide you with a single screenshot to tide you over until we are ready to show you more...

Well there you have it! The Summer of Nirvana is already descending upon us quicker than you may realize! Take a look at the graphic below for a full breakdown of everything we will be releasing this summer. Keep in mind that this is only the confirmed list, and more content sometimes has a tendency to sneak into the lineup here and there....

Happy Seventh Anniversary everybody!


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