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Presenting the Season of the Sidewinder!

The Season of Discovery has come and gone, and now the Season of the Sidewinder is almost here to lasso us all into a whole new adventure! Check out the brief reveal article below to see what you can expect from NirvanaOnline over the next three months. Three new episodes bring new content to the game and breathe new life into old content. Make sure to read through to the end to see what we have planned in-game for our 10-year company anniversary

The Season of the Sidewinder is made up of three new episodes: Klondike Kove, Sidewinder Springs, and HacylyonRave. Let's start with Klondike Kove...

Klondike Kove is a brand-new mini game world set in the Alaskan Klondike. Players arrive at a subterranean village that's currently in the process of thawing out from the icy winds of winter. Water is pooling around the village and the giant heaps of snow that exist just above the caves of the city are starting to melt and drip down onto the village. Things are still frosty, but spring is finally here. Klondike Kove brings with it a brand-new district, and 11 awesome new activities that are sure to delight every kind of player. There's even a new Pinnacle Activity called The Meltdown!

In addition to Klondike Kove, if you haven't checked out the new Wild Hunt update yet, you may want to check out our other blog post on that topic. It brings with it a ton of new sandbox content and some new surprises for you to go check out. There's even a ton of bug fixes and tweaks to all the content you already love, so be sure to check that out!

Lastly, we've also got a new Special Event happening for Valentine's Day this year. You've seen the Tunnel of Love looming on the horizon to the west of Chernobyl Carnivale, but now for the first time you can go explore it in the all-new Tunnel of Love Raid! More details on that will be revealed closer to the beginning of the event.

Next up, it's the highly-anticipated Sidewinder Springs renovation! The world of Sidewinder Springs grows bigger and better with this epic legacy update. Every inch of Sidewinder Springs has been granted a little extra development time, and three huge new districts have been added to the world. The Alpines is a wooded forest to the north of Sidewinder Springs, and features huge redwood trees and a serene river running down the middle of the area. Ponderosa Plains is a great plains region featuring a two-story hunting lodge and a quaint little town called Clementine. As you're traversing the open plains around the area, keep an eye out for some cool little easter eggs we've hidden in the region. Lastly, there's Copperhead Canyon, a deep dried out canyon region that connects the areas of Fort Atlas, Sidewinder Springs, and Outlaw Gulch. Down there you'll find cool hidden easter eggs like an underground moonshine operation and even a few references to other game worlds past and future...

Finally, we have HacylyonRave, our epic 10-year anniversary festival hosted by New Dionysus. Enter Cerulean Springs, an early district for an upcoming tropical paradise game world: New Dionysus. Swim with the dolphins, explore an exotic waterfall grotto, interact a number of different world bosses and colorful characters before diving into the new Jaws of Dionysus 4-player Raid. Upon completion of the 4-player Raid, you'll even unlock something bigger. Our first 24-player game mode, an Incursion waits on the horizon, and challenges you to see just how deep you can dive into its impossible depths. That's not all though, because we still have the new Murder Mystery game mode on the way and even the return of every single piece of limited-time content we've ever released!

Check back regularly as every month we show off what's coming in full to each of the three episodes just before release. We have a lot in store, and we know you're going to love every little bit of it! See you soon, Keepers...