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EtheriaOnline Revealed!

It's that time of year again, it's time to dive into the details of our next Flagship Game World! In case you haven't been with us for very long, every summer we release a massive new game world to NirvanaOnline. This release is usually on the second Tuesday of June, and the game world that releases each summer sets the theme for the entire summer lineup. This year we're extremely proud to announce that this summer's Flagship Game World is none other than EtheriaOnline!

Welcome to Etheria

The world of EtheriaOnline is a large one, larger than any other game world we've ever delivered at launch! It's also much more diverse than any game world you'll find around NirvanaOnline. Etheria features a mix between vast canyons, dense jungles, quaint villages, a massive collection of Mayan cantons, a beautiful waterfall/lake area, a tumultuous lava field, and even a network of underground warehouses and store rooms. All in all this collection of amazing regions adds up to a total of 19 Districts at launch! That's more than we've ever featured before! While many of these districts are slightly smaller than average, that still brings the total amount of exploration space to about twice that of Chernobyl Carnivale, and nearly four times that of Roswell Carnivale!

Scattered around Etheria are a versatile collection of temples that make up a new type of Trials, called "Tomb Trials". Similar to how Ikarus contains its unique Sky Trials and Adytum features its Elder Trials, and Umbra has its Temple Trials, Tomb Trials feature a fun mix of new gameplay mechanics and large puzzles that you'll have to decypher if you wish to claim their rewards! These Tomb Trials are scattered all around Etheria, and many of them are lost out in the jungle, so you'll need to go exploring deep in the wilds to find them!

Of course no game world would be complete without many of the other activities you've come to know and love in NirvanaOnline. We've also got a ton of new Arenas, Mazes, a new Pinnacle Activity, new Player Houses, Pulsis Rituals, Quests, a new Raid, new Strikes, a new Vault, new Wild Hunts, new World Bosses, and even a few new surprises! Overall there's going to be more than 20 different activities available for you to engage in at launch, with more added weekly throughout the summer!

We've heard your feedback about some of the smaller game world that have been releasing since October. We hear you want more permanent experiences and more activities that aren't as combat-heavy. That's why we've doubled down on our focus on parkour activities, exploration areas, puzzle-based activities, and questing. And on the topic of questing, we've got a big announcement to make.

A Story To Tell

Etheria was always meant to be told as part of a story, and while it may not be releasing alongside a new book as we had originally hoped, we have the next-best thing. EtheriaOnline will release with a full-fledged storyline that will play out the main story of Etheria and illustrate it to our players in a fashion unlike anything we've ever introduced! This questline consists of 5 lengthy quests that will have you exploring nearly every inch of EtheriaOnline in the pursuit of completing it.

Oh, and we haven't even mentioned the best part! Cradles are starting to return to NirvanaOnline! Following in Etheria's footsteps, every other Flagship Game World will eventually get its own questline. At the end of each questline, we'll open up the Cradle for that specific game world. Completing the Cradle in each game world for the first time will award players with 100 Echelons for that game world, 500 Credits to spend in the shop, and more! The Rose-Colored Cradle will be the first example of this new game world structure to arrive in NirvanaOnline, with more to follow later in the year. As you begin your quest for the Rose-Colored Box, you'll quickly start to see that something is very wrong in Etheria. Nothing is what it seems, and almost everything in Etheria is lying to you...

The Big Tickets

As with every game world, we've included our fair share of big ticket levels into EtheriaOnline. Namely, there's a new Vault, Raid, and Pinnacle Activity awaiting you around the game world. Each of these will challenge different group sizes to overcome massive obstacles to claim some of the best rewards to be found around the world. The Bastion of Opulence Vault will take players into Emperor Ifrit's private temple. This massive pearly white pyramid filled with gold and diamonds galore will make any player envious of Ifrit's immense wealth. The Ark of Exile Raid will take players to Etheria's outlands and teach them what it meant to be exiled by the Yucatec Mayans. Players will traverse through 5 new cantons lost in the jungles east of Etheria and give them all kinds of fun new challenges with interesting new mechanics. Finally, the Shrieking Forge is a new 4-player Pinnacle Activity that challenges players with forging a legendary exotic weapon that you may remember from Chernobyl Carnivale: The Dreadforge. Ignite this awful forge and feed its fires and you may just walk away with a brand new Exotic Weapon that you're bound to love!

In Conclusion

EtheriaOnline is set to make waves in NirvanaOnline. We build this game world to be the standard to which we hold every other game world going forward. We've included every type of activity you'll find in every other game world, a menagerie of new region types, and a beautiful array of nature-centric areas encompassing the core districts. There's a wealth of new single-player content available in EtheriaOnline along with a few glorious group challenges to overcome as well. There's a new questline structure available building up to the return of the Cradles in each of our Flagship Game Worlds. No matter what it is you love about NirvanaOnline, we've got something for you.

EtheriaOnline will open its doors as part of the NirvanaOnline Suite on June 9th. Stay tuned for more information leading up to the launch of this amazing new game world! :D


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