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What is #GW3?

We have been posting it all over our social media for months, and we have been talking about it relentlessly, but still the question stands: What is #GW3?

A couple weeks ago, we launched NirvanaNet through our Patreon site. For those of you who might not know what that is, it's our subscription service through which players are able to access their favorite NirvanaOnline games from home. All you need is a valid Minecraft account and to become either a Silver Player or Gold Player through the site.

Well in addition to being able to play UmbraOnline (and AdytumOnline is coming very soon), players will be unlocking a mysterious new game world that we have kept under wraps about for almost a year now. This is a project unlike anything that we have published before, and more will become apparent on that front once we unveil GW3 to the world on Black Friday at 6 PM.

This new game world will be accessible to the players on our Gold Server when it launches immediately after the reveal on Friday.

Now, what is this about a prize? Yes, there is a prize awaiting anyone who is able to correctly guess the theme of the new game world before Friday. You can email us with your guesses or you can simply tweet them at us or message our Facebook account. The prize is the largest in the history of Network Nirvana, and will be given to anyone who can correctly guess the theme (within some reason).

If you would like to join in on the fun over at Patreon, we are really excited to show you all the content we have in store, and you can find our page at

See you all on Friday for the big reveal!

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