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Umbra First Look: The Illusive One

Two of our biggest characters in Umbra are those two that will begin to define the story behind the fountain of youth. These two characters are linked to each other, and neither can be introduced without one another.

The first is the University, a group of secretive servants to the city who claim to be searching for answers to the city's mysteries, but there is more to them than should be believed. We won't be spoiling too much about them today, but we will tell you that you're going to need to hit Level 150 before you can get up close and personal with their main headquarters off the east side of the city.

The next is the Illusive One, the mysterious figurehead behind the actions of the University. He can be seen in the graphic below, but this is nothing more than a mere sketch. The Illusive One is rarely seen outside his office inside the University. When he is spotted in public, he is usually quick to disappear in the shadows.

Look for the Illusive One in the Restricted Archives Raid when UmbraOnline launches on October 15th!

This incredibly artwork was created by Bailey Higgins, one of the concept artists at NirvanaLabs.

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