NirvanaOnline is an innovative new way to play Minecraft in the form of an MMORPG. With our pre-built game worlds and servers, we offer players the chance to experience game worlds they won't find anywhere else. From the world's largest underwater city to creepy carnivals and from single player Strikes to epic 12-player Vaults, the NirvanaOnline Suite has a little something for every gamer.


Game Worlds You’ll Love



Tackle the unknowns of the wild west as you traverse the bountiful territories of Sidewinder Springs. Will you be an outlaw or a lawman? A cowboy or a cowpoke? Your destiny is yours to write as you tackle the wild west by the horns.


Everyone knows the tale of the flying city that bombed Adytum, but nobody knew how that flying city started out... until now! Soar into that city of the skies and take on the Cosmic Court and their dedicated minions as you explore and plunder this flying paradise!


Are those aliens in those flying saucers? Surely that's not possible! Just kidding, at Roswell Carnivale, everything is possible. In this 1950's creature feature-infused sequel to Chernobyl Carnivale, players will find themselves in a cosmic adventure through time and space!



Dive deep into the waters of the Atlantic and explore the world's largest underwater city in Minecraft! AdytumOnline will challenge players with all kinds of fun puzzles and trials as they navigate an underwater metropolis in the year 2000.


Dig down into an underground city shrouded in mystery with our newest addition to the NirvanaOnline suite. Players will set out on an epic quest to find the fountain of youth and learn more about why the citizens of Umbra seem to be living forever...


What could be creepier than an abandoned freakshow in the middle of the forest? A freakshow in the forest outside Chernobyl, Ukraine, that's what. Chernobyl Carnivale is one of our biggest projects to date, and fans will get to jump back in January 2017.



Mortieu: The Dusklight City


Travel back to the 1960s in the world of Camp Lovecraft and Wild Mountain! Embark on endless journeys and adventure with your friends in our first role-playing game world environment!

A strange and eerie city on the moon has all who look upon it entangled in a war for power and dominance. Vanquish an ancient curse and fight for your life in Nirvana Royale. Whatever you choose to do, there's more to explore in Mortieu.

A mysterious village in Colorado filled with deranged cultists has suddenly gone missing. The village is there, but the people and their enigmatic ruler has seemingly vanished into thin air. Something doesn't feel right, and the Phantom Hour seems to be at hand...



Our holiday-themed game world is only around for the month of December, so you'll want to jump in while you can! Progress through a new Vault, shut down a Pulsis Ritual, and explore a charming winter-themed village in Krampus March!


Spring has arrived and the icy winds of Krampus March have let up. The snow and ice are beginning to melt and the Meltdown has begun. Explore this subterranean game world with all kinds of secrets to uncover and interesting new mechanics to solve!


Delve into the archaeological unknown with this epic Mayan masterpiece! A lost city on the Yucatan Peninsula sets the stage for a marvelous new questline. An artifact known as the Rose-Colored Box is said to drive any who lift its lid absolutely insane. Are you prepared to hunt it down?


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