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Help Zane Wyndham fun the creation of his fourth book in the canonical World of Nirvana! This fourth book will take readers and players to a country never before visited in the WoN. An all-new city is teeming with secrets and surprises, waiting to be uncovered by the Keepers. Contributors will have to wait until early 2020 to find out the exact theme and name of the book, but we can promise it's going to be entirely original and completely enthralling!


View the product image to see what comes with each level of contribution. Each contribution level will get your name in the book, as well as a menagerie of sneak previews early chapters throughout 2020 as we lead up to the release of the book in June. All Artisan and Noble contributors will receive a copy of the book with their contribution. Noble contributors will get their copy of the book early along with some other fun surprises!


This book will be similar to our last in the way that it will be releasing with a NirvanaOnline companion game world. This game world will release on the same day as the book, but our Noble contributors will get their copies of the book and game world access early! Both the game world and the book share the same setting and a similar story. You do not need to read the book to understand the game world, or vice versa.

Book #4 Contributor Program

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