On December 21st, 2012, the flying city of Ikarus flew over the underwater city of Adytum and began releasing a barrage of bombs on the underwater metropolis. Ikarus: Redux tells the story of the events in Ikarus that occured before the famous Battle of the Seas and Skies.


Ikarus is known as the "clockwork cosmos" in some parts of the world, and the name is more than fitting. This steampunk city is as mechanical as it is devoted to a group of celestials known as the Cosmic Court. A plethora of new and returning characters appear in Ikarus as it makes its rounds circling the Atlantic Rim, making the Great City one of the most interesting and diverse as well. The metropolis in the clouds is divided into a series of floating cantons which house the mechanical wonder-machines that allow the city to fly. Unfortunately, the city is just as dangerous as it is beautiful. Ikarus harbors a collection of CBZ-253 bombs that it will later use to destroy Adytum, and the presence of the bombs within the city are causing all sorts of havok. What will happen to Ikarus after it destroys Adytum, and will the underwater metropolis ever get its revenge? Find out this summer when Ikarus: Redux launches alongside NirvanaOnline's newest game world: IkarusOnline!

Ikarus: Redux

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