Your undead vacation is...



ABOUT Zombies in Paradise

Zombies in Paradise is a new weekend excursion from the makers of NirvanaOnline. Every Friday the servers will go live and players will be tasked with navigating a zombie-infested tropical paradise. Solve the enigma behind the zombie apocalypse and you've won. Kill the most zombies and rise up the ranks on the leaderboard. Explore as much of the island as you can throughout the weekend, because  the island changes with every coming weekend. Do you have what it takes to beat the zombie apocalypse once and for all?

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Not only will you be fighting against hordes of the undead, because we've got a special surprise for anyone who subscribes early. Enter DIESCRAPER, an all-new 12-player Vault experience that challenges you with clearing 100 floors of a zombie-infested skyscraper. Make it all the way to the top and claim an epic prize to assist you in shutting down the apocalypse. Fail, and your brains will belong to us...