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Your undead vacation


Welcome to Sunali

Welcome to Sunali, the island paradise and main setting of Zombies in Paradise! Explore this massive and mysterious island to uncover a plethora of secrets and fun gameplay opportunities. This one-opulent tropical resort situated on an idyllic archipelago has become suddenly overrun by a zombie apocalypse and it's up to you to find a way to put a stop to it! Amidst the hotels, waterparks, concert venues, restaurants, and casinos lies a dark secret. Find it.

The Main Goal

In ZiP your main goal is to resolve the zombie apocalypse. All around the island of Sunali are clues to what could have started the undead infestation. It's up to you to put the clues together and follow the questlines to bring down the zombie hordes. Here's the catch: When you die, you lose all of your quest progress so far. You'll still keep your equipment and most of your currencies, but you'll need to start your questing over. Stay alive, stay vigilant, and keep at it. Sunali needs you.


Constant Updates

Since Sunali only opens its doors on the weekends, that gives us all week to work on cool new updates to the game! One of the first updates, for example, will be the Huracan waterslide. This new POI may not be functional right away, but keep a close eye on this region of the island, because there will be some new additions and expansions coming soon. New gameplay opportunities and new attractions will constantly be opening up, meaning Sunali will feel fresh (and even larger) every single weekend!

Weekend Excursion

Zombies in Paradise is not your normal Free-To-Play game. This is a Weekend Excursion from the usual gameplay loop of NirvanaOnline (even though it's a completely separate product). This means that servers will ONLY go live on the weekends (with the exception of special events).

Servers will open up on Friday at 3:00 PM and will close on Monday at 9:00 AM of every week, so you'll want to wrap up all of your questing and zombie-slaying before then!


Release Dates

We know you're excited to begin exploring Sunali, so here are the dates when you can expect to play!

November 3rd - Subscriber/Sponsor Sneak Peak Night

November 6th-9th - NirvanaNet and Guest List Alpha Weekend

November 20th-23rd - Zombies in Paradise Full Beta Release

The Map

Sunali is a huge place. It has an explorable area larger than all of the collective game worlds in NirvanaOnline put together! This, paired with the fact that we place to update it every week means that you'll have a lot of exploring and adventuring to do! We'll regularly update this map with all the latest intel and satellite images of what's going on with the zombie apocalypse. We believe that knowledge is power, so use these maps to your advantage as you take down the zombie hordes!


Side Activities

In addition to the main story and questlines, Sunali also features a variety of side activities to partake in. Temple Tributes, Exalted Exorcisms, Sanguine Sacrifices, and Wanting Walls can be found all around the island and each feature their own styles of gameplay and unique mechanics. Treasure Trackers, Parkour Courses, Hunting Contracts, and Hop-Putt activities from NirvanaOnline also make an appearance!

Exalted Exorcisms

Some of the residents of Sunali are considered to be too valuable to lose to the undead hordes, so you'll need to perform some exorcisms to release them from their undead chains. Wait until the sun has dipped beyond the horizon and then summon the enemy you'd like to exorcise. Lead them through the fire to "heal them back to death". Do this perfectly and you'll obtain some currency to spend somewhere on the island...


Temple Tributes

As you can imagine, the Vexation Priests of Nirvana are less than happy that you're meddling in their affairs (as if the zombies weren't already doing that). To appease them, locate their grandiose temples around the island and solve their riddles. Crack their unique enigmas successfully and you'll be granted some handsome rewards to help you defeat the zombie hordes that surround you...

Sanguine Sacrifices

One of the more combat-heavy side activities are the Sanguine Sacrifices. These mythical blood totems have appeared around the island and are seemingly begging to be fed through ritual sacrifice. Activate the summoning and defeat all of the enemies that the Vexation Priests send your way. Defeat every enemy within the time limit and the cosmic powers-that-be will be sure to reward you handsomely with Echelons and material goods alike.


Parkour Activities

Do you like jumping puzzles? If not, take comfort in the fact that at least most of them are situated over the water. These parkour courses will test out your jumping/climbing skills like never before. We've got a variety of challenges for you to take on at your leisure, all of which will task you with honing your skills in the jumping and climbing arts. Make your way through the entire course and collect some Credits and Revenant Echelons to help boost your Sunali status!

Wanting Wells

Perhaps you approached these strange, mysterious marvels with dreams of riches and delusions of grandeur. Unfortunately, the Vexation magic within these wells will leave you wanting. The Wanting Wells can be found all over Sunali and feature a very simple mechanic. Activate the well and the Vexation Priests will produce one of three outcomes. They may summon an Aethera for you to fight, they may grant you a gift of 15 Credits, or they may take 10 Credits away. Wish wisely...


The Yacht

Zombies in Paradise will be launching Free-To-Play next year. If you’d like to support us in our dream of keeping it free forever, consider purchasing the Zombies in Paradise Deluxe Starter Pack. You’ll receive this epic mega yacht and a bunch of goodies to get your started on your adventures! All proceeds will go towards keeping servers running and adding new content to the game each week. This yacht is a player house unlike any other, being one of the largest structures in the game!

Revenant Dust

The best measure of your zombie-slaying prowess is easily shown in your collection of Revenant Dust. This special currency is commonly found when killing zombies around Sunali. Revenant Dust is valuable, but it's also fickle. When a player dies, they will lose all of their Revenant Dust they've accumulated. Head to one of the many Lifeguard Stations (seen here) around Sunali and cash in your Revenant Dust for Revenant Echelons, and be well on your way to climbing the leaderboards!


The Endgame

So you’ve beaten one of the main questlines and you’ve delved into every last Quarantine Zone, so what’s next? Zombies in Paradise comes with its own unique endgame. Battle for dominance on the leaderboards, uncover mysterious locations only open to those who’ve beaten a Questline, or even hunt down special Exotic weapons and armor. Where will you take your adventures once the zombies have been quelled? There might even be a larger scheme in play for you and your friends...

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