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Welcome Back To Adytum

WWelcome back to Adytum.

Welcome back to where it all began.

Welcome home...


You read that right. Adytum is back at Adytum: Rebirth Edtion! We've whipped up this nice little blog post to give you the breakdown of everything new that's now live in AdytumOnline: Rebirth Edition. There's also a few surprises and early peeks at future content, so stick around!

First of all, omg it's finally here. Now that we've got that out of the way, here are the details: There's a new Strike called Homecoming. We took the old way that players entered the city and made it into its own Strike, so now you can experience those first amazing moments over and over. That giant Golden Globus in City Center? Yeah, we put one of the new player houses inside it. Oh remember Pacific Plaza, and how awesome (but empty) it was? Yeah, that's been redesigned for a future expansion pack. What about the Dionysian Accord and Poseidon Springs? Yep, they've been renovated and are now looking much more interesting. Same goes with Scholastic's Basin, and Colossus Park. Remember that cool New Columbiana Strike over in Atlantic Park? New Columbiana has received a comprehensive rework, and Atlantic Park has gotten a couple new upgrades too. We've also overhauled Adonis Park and updated all of Atlas Reef. Remember back when Adytum had its own dedicated shop, long before we unified the NirvanaOnline economy with the Monastery? Well, we turned that into a new dungeon with the same name: Olympus Forums. Basically everything you remember is back, but now it's 60% better.

One of my favorite features regarding Adytum: Rebirth Edition is the addition of Dungeon Kiosks and the rework of the Void Arena. NirvanaOnline has never had a fully-functioning and fully-resetting 'spleef' arena until now. There have also been updates to fan-favorite levels like the Trial of Charybdis and the Trial of Apollo. The Crypt of Kings is also about three times as long as it used to be. Pair this with the fact that ever single level and district has been given an overhaul, and you could say that this feels like a brand-new game. Oh yeah, and if I were you, I'd check out Adonis Park and Atlas Reef for sure. There are some pretty cool surprises and mechanical reworks in there, and you're not going to want to miss any of them!

Now it's time to answer some of your questions. We'll start with the most obvious one first:

First of all, how do I get to Adytum now?

Adytum is available as the end-of-quest reward for completing the Etheria Cradle. Once you've completed the Cradle, head to Ifrit's Disgrace beneath the entrance to the West Village to enter Adytum. You will be able to set your spawn in Adytum, but if you leave you'll need to enter through Ifrit's Disgrace again.

What's new in Adytum: Rebirth Edition?

There's 9+ new World Bosses, 2 new Player Houses, 4 new Pulsis Rituals, 3 new 2 new Strikes, 1 new Apex Strike, 3 new Dungeons, 1 new Apex Dungeon, 1 new Pinnacle Activity, and Legacy Updates to almost every single pre-existing activity in the game!

Has anything been retired or returned to the Vexation Crypt with Adytum: Rebirth Edition?

Yes! We've retired the District "Nymph's Breach" and the Strikes "Adytum HydroElectric", "Safari Exotique", "The Croft Furnace", and technically the old "Crypt of Kings" is gone, but that's returned as an Apex Strike, so it hasn't really been retired, more like expanded. We do plan for "Safari: Exotique" to return though, but more on that later.

What's been changed about the pre-existing content in Adytum: Rebirth Edition?

Everything has had varying degrees of overhauls. The Dionysian Accord has been redecorated and two new World Bosses were added. Adonis Park was redecorated and had a new Pulsis Ritual added. Colossus Park was separated into more of a Game Pack and partitioned off from the rest of the city with a new Parkour Course and a new Pulsis Ritual were added. Wyrmwright Park had some small aesthetic tweaks and now has some altered functionality. The New Columbiana Strike has had a complete rework functionality-wise to make it more challenging and take longer to complete with new mechanics. The Ghost Maze was lit up a little better and had the ceiling raised. All of the avenues around the city were given a makeover to make them more colorful. All of the city exteriors were given tons of coral and kelp and seagrass to make it feel more like an underwater city.

What's coming to the future of AdytumOnline with the Rebirth?

Well that's a very good question! We've got a ton of new stretch goals loaded into the thermometer in the Hall of Divination to bring you guys new content and activities. We have a third Vault under construction called The Reliquished Crown. We have two new Raids on the way called Mimzemaw and Bermuda's Revenge. We've got a new expansion pack in the form of Pacific Plaza in the works, and we've got a ton of smaller additions like further tweaks and renovations, as well as some new Strikes and Dungeons coming very soon. There will also be a lot more underwater content on the way sometime soon.

About how long did this renovation take to complete?

We've been working on this since mid-December, so the final hour count is likely around 600 hours. That may sound like a lot, but Etheria took a little over 2000 hours to complete, so it's nothing new.

When will all this additional content start releasing?

Something new is on the way for later this week. The Mimzemaw Raid and its attached Pacific Plaza expansion pack will be available to start unlocking in the Hall of Divination right away. The Bermuda's Revenge Raid will be available after that first goal is met. The Relinquished Crown Vault will be released sometime after that.

Will this finally answer the mysteries of Dea Dia, the E.I. Device, and the fate of Adytum and Ikarus?

No comment.

As you can see, we've been hard at work on more than just Etheria. Adytum is just as vast with arguably even more to do and explore. Thanks to the advent of Adytum: Rebirth Edition, we believe that the world's largest underwater Minecraft city will be around for many, many years to come.

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What are you most excited for in AdytumOnline? What will you be checking out first? We'll be seeing you in EtheriaOnline soon, because we both know you're not going to want to miss this...