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The Wild Hunt Update

The Wild Hunt Update is upon us and has brought with it a plethora of new sandbox features, content, and overall gameplay improvements. Read on for all the details...

First of all, let's address the elephant in the room. Wild Hunts are not patrolling around NirvanaOnline! Wild Hunts are like regular World Bosses, but with an added twist. Most of them summon without command, and spawn in randomized locations around the game worlds. You never truly know when you're going to stumble upon one, but when you do you'll be in for a world of a fight! Defeat the Wild Hunt boss and you'll gain a few Trick or Treat Tokens, and a few Wild Hunt bosses even drop a special weapon or armor piece. Defeat them all to scratch them off your checklist, and get that much closer to claiming NirvanaOnline's ultimate prize...

Additionally, we've opened up the Hunting Hall, and with it we have a new radiant side quest type: Hunting Contracts. Look for the Hunting Hall in the Hall of Portals near the entrance to the Isles of Anarchy (which have now been reworked). Inside the Hunting Hall you'll be able to select Hunting Contracts which will challenge you to kill a certain number of enemies in any game world (even the Monastery)! Once you've killed enough enemies, return to the Monastery Hunting Hall to claim your prize!

Next up, we have the new Monastery Trading Hall. This unique room found branching off from the NirvanaOnline Shop allows players to finally engage in trades with NPCs! The room will spawn in new villagers every 20 minutes and allow you to trade with them to your heart's content. Use this new trade system to mess around with the NirvanaOnline economy and try to hunt down the best deals. Do enough research and you might just find a whole new bargain to take advantage of!

Finally, we have a ton of bug fixes and gameplay improvements to show off in-game! We've listed a sample of the total patch notes below. So check out what all we've been working on!

  • Fixed an issue in Zone Zero in which players were spawning multiple copies of “Infectionmaster Charron”

  • Added Checkpoint Stations to the Wicked Wilds

  • Fixed an issue in Nirvana Royale in which the Horror of Dithoxys wasn’t despawning in between games

  • Removed all instances of Keeper Echelons from Nirvana Royale and replaced them with Dusklight Echelons

  • Fixed an exploit in Charlemagne that resulted in players endlessly being able to acquire rewards without being removed from the level

  • Added directional teleporting to all activity teleporters

  • Added small decorative updates to Umbra town center

  • Fixed some non-functioning teleporters in Umbra

  • Added crafting tables to Umbra town center

  • Added structural changes to Chernobyl’s FFFF Raid

  • Added a mechanic that prevents the FFFF Raid from being solo’ed

  • Fixed an exploit where players could bypass most of the FFFF Raid

  • Added a proper final boss to the FFFF Raid

  • Fixed an issue where zombies and other mobs could walk across the opening pressure plate mechanic in Erstwhile Horizon, causing players to be affected by some unintended code

  • Reduced the difficulty of the puzzle mechanic in the Curse Wall phase of Charlemagne

  • Opened up some hidden new halls in the Monastery

  • Added small aesthetic changes to certain houses around Umbra

  • Added numerous easter eggs to various game worlds