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The Summer of Nirvana 2023 Kickoff Update

Here we are again. Another Summer of Nirvana is just on the horizon and begins one week from today with the launch of DreamlandOnline. While we won't be discussing Dreamland today, you can be sure to expect plenty of news and coverage when our epic new game world launches next week. For now, let's talk about some of the many tuning and quality-of-life updates that we've shipped out today. Many of these updates look to make the gameplay of NirvanaOnline even deeper, and a little more self-explanatory for new players. Without further ado, here are your official release notes for the Summer of Nirvana 2023 Kickoff Update!

Hunter's Guild Rework

The Hunter's Guild has undergone an extensive rework to how you unlock and complete Lesser Hunting Contracts, and how you access Big Game Hunts. For now, let's focus on just the Hunting Contracts.

Hunting Contracts have been reworked to only allow each Keeper to obtain one at a time. We have also added a price to begin each contract. For now, the price to begin a contract is 10 Credits, but all contracts will pay out 40 Credits upon completion. Once starting a contract, players will be given some text, letting them know that they've successfully started a contract, and what their objective is. There's also some text that will appear if a player buys a new contract before completing a previous one, to let them know their previous contract has been overridden.

When working on a contract, you'll also notice new text that appears with each kill to let you know how many enemies you've completed and how many you have left to go. When you reach the required amount to complete the contract, there's no need to head back to the Hunter's Hall and turn it in, because contracts will not auto-complete and payout their rewards from anywhere in the game! You may still want to warp back to the Hunter's Hall to grab a new one, though!

Big Game Hunts Rework

Big Game Hunts have undergone a major overhaul to introduce some new technology that was first introduced with the new NirvanaArcana Treasure Trackers. Once you've obtained 5 Big Game Hunt Tickets, you'll be invited to join Bloody Mary's Big Game Hunt in the Oasis in Arkoneux. Use /warp Oasis to head over and start yourself off on the greatest hunt of your life! Head to the Hunting Lodge in the town of Sanctuary within the Oasis and you'll find our newly-updated Big Game Hunt kiosk. Give your 5 Big Game Hunt Tickets to the kiosk and it'll select a random Big Game Hunt for you to embark on. You'll notice a new Hunt Tracker deposited into your inventory. This compass works similarly to the NirvanaArcana Treasure Trackers, but with a twist! Follow the Tracker to your destination and it'll reroute you to the next clue. Keep following the clues until you come face-to-face with the beast itself! Defeat it and you'll be rewarded with a Trophy Head to bring back to the Collector to exchange for Hunter Merits, Credits, and more!

NirvanaArcana Class Registration Shop

This summer we're going to be introducing two new classes to NirvanaArcana as part of the NirvanaArcana sophomore upgrade. The Herbology class will release on June 8th, while the Demonology class will release sometime in July. To get our players ready to sign up for each of these new classes, we've introduced the Class Registration Shop to Briarwick. Just head to the school office and utilize the now-functional kiosk to head to the new shop and get signed up for each of these new classes. Bare in mind, each class has certain requirements before you can sign up for them, so you may need to buff up your Grade Point values in your Potions and Incantations classes before you'll be ready to take on any new courses this summer!

Vault Apex Achievements

In our ongoing effort to introduce a slew of new Badges and challenges to NirvanaOnline, we thought it high time to introduce a series of badges that would let you show off your boss-beating skills in your favorite Vaults. After the initial completion of each Vault, you'll now see a new challenge appear in the Advancements screen which will ask you to complete the Vault after invoking Apex mode on the final boss. Do this, and you'll be rewarded with a shiny new Badge to show off to your friends!

Vault Trifecta Achievements and Updates

Vault Trifecta Challenges were added last season in the Trifecta Tycoon update. We've been seeing reports that some of the Trifecta Challenges for various Vaults were not completing as intended, so after some extensive investigation and testing, we can confirm that all of the Trifecta Challenges should be successfully unlocking upon completing each Vault on Apex mode, under the time limit, and without dying. Additionally, we've added another shiny new Badge to let your friends know that you're the best of the best!

Heirloom Armor Code Updates

Earlier this season we rolled out an update that refreshed the code and protocols for Heirloom Chests, and in doing so brought new Heirloom Armor to the game. Each of these armor sets can only be obtained by opening Heirloom Chests, and now we're excited to announce that a new feature is coming to these armor sets today. Completing any Vault with a full set of the associated Heirloom Armor for that game world will now dole out an extra 100 Credits, and an additional Netherite Scrap for you to spend as you see fit. Get out there and claim those riches!

Keeper Level Rework

You read that correctly, Keeper Levels have finally been reworked! Now, playing any activity in a specific set of progressive game worlds will help to increase your Keeper Level (up to a max level of 4500 at launch)! Strikes and Pulsis Rituals will award 2 Keeper Levels upon completion, while Raids will award 5 Levels. Vaults will Award 10 Levels, while Trials and Parkour Courses will award 1 Level each. Finally, Arenas will award 5 Levels the first time they are completed, and Dungeons will award 7 Levels the first time they are completed as well.

Each game world will only award Keeper Levels if they are within a certain range, which can be found by checking out the Violet Mirrors for each world in the Hall of Portals in the Monastery. For your convenience, we've also listed their level ranges here.

Adytum: 0-500

Umbra: 500-1000

Sidewinder: 1000-1500

Chernobyl: 1500-2000

Ikarus: 2000-2500

Mortieu: 2500-3000

Etheria: 3000-3500

Arkoneux: 3500-4000

Babylon: 4000-4500

[REDACTED]: 4500-5000

Now, here are a few answers to some questions you're undoubtedly having! You will not be locked out of the majority of levels if your Keeper Level is too low (some new activities may require a minimum Keeper Level in the future). Once you exceed the maximum Keeper Level for a game world, you will still earn regular rewards for completing activities, but your Keeper Level will not increase beyond the maximum. Finally, only the activities in the game worlds listed above will contribute to your Keeper Level. Therefore, even though technically Roswell Carnivale is a nested pocked dimension within Chernobyl, it will not give you Keeper Levels at this time. Only flagship game worlds from the mainline NirvanaOnline Suite will give Keeper Levels as of this update.

Keeper Supreme Updates

Keeper Supreme has been updated to better reflect the overall efforts to requires to achieve. We've remedied a number of glitches that were allowing players to obtain Keeper Supreme before attaining 1500 Echelons in every game world. Additionally, we've simplified the process of equipping Keeper Supreme. Previously, players had to complete a full run of the Kingdom of Malice in order to increase their Keeper Supreme level. As of today's update, we've removed this requirement, and are now choosing to implement a buff for any player that completes Kingdom of Malice with a Keeper Supreme Title. This buff will last for a period of 4 hours, and will give those who attain it exceptional powers. Keeper Supreme Titles can now be obtained from the

The Race To Crown Capitol Competition

With the newly-reworked Keeper Levels and the slight rework of the Keeper Supreme system, we're introducing the Race To Crown Capitol Competition. This real-time event begins now, and looks to award one determined player with a massive 100,000 Credits and an exclusive Title. All Keeper Levels from the previous issuing of the system have been reset, and all players will start on equal footing. The first player to reach Keeper Level 4500 will receive the grand prize of 100k and the exclusive Title. Additionally, whoever is the first to reach Keeper Level 4500 will be the first to experience the new Keeper Supreme hangout space: The Crown Capitol!

Zombies In Paradise Updates

Since this is the first time that Zombies In Paradise will be making an appearance in Nirvana since the advent of the Badges system, we've done a pass at all of the Zombies In Paradise activities and have added Badge support for all activities that they can apply to. Additionally, all of the Quests in Zombies In Paradise have had a touch-up, and are now running on more modern code, meaning faster delivery of rewards and more precise indicators when starting and ending a Quest!

Nirvana Royale and Mortieu Updates

Nirvana Royale has been partially rewritten to be significantly less demanding on the servers to run. The win parameters are now more precise, and will more consistently award a win when a player is the last person alive in Nirvana Royale. Additionally, there have been a variety of cosmetic updates to the Dusklight City to keep things feeling fresh and up-to-date. Most notably, there appears to be some strange activity coming from Wyler Tower.....

Wonder Heist Fast Pass System

This highly-requested feature has finally arrived for our Operation: 235 and Xulkana: The Curse of Molokini Wonder Heists! Outside the staging areas for both of these Wonder Heists, you'll notice a new Vegnacite Kiosk has appeared. These kiosks offer new Fast Passes to setup your favorite Wonder Heist without all the hassle of locating and collecting all the pieces of the heist! Operation: 235's Fast Pass is available for 150 Vegnacite, and includes the Nuclear Launch Codes, the Nuclear Prima Materia, and the Biometric ID. Xulkana: The Curse of Molokini's Fast Pass includes the 6 required items for the Heist, and a Cruise Ship Ticket for the player purchasing the Fast Pass, but each additional player will need to either purchase or find a Cruise Ship Ticket for themselves.

Miscellaneous Level Code Reworks

Finally, we're pleased to announce that we've pushed out an update to two additional levels that were somehow missed in last month's grand code overhaul. The Dais of Immolation Vault in Rapture has had its code updated to the newest (and most reliable) new standard, while the Crooked Phalanx Raid in the Asylum has received the same treatment. Both of these activities have had their code updated and reward delivery for both has been sped up, and a number of bugs and glitches associated with each have been fixed.

Camp Lovecraft Returns

Finally, Camp Lovecraft has returned for the summer! This fan-favorite limited-time game world will be available all throughout the Season of Dreamland and includes new Badge support, new secrets to find, and new improvements to a variety of systems and content! Camp is back in session, Keepers!

And there you have it, welcome to the Summer of Nirvana 2023 Kickoff Update. Best of luck to those of who wish to compete in the Race To Crown Capitol Competition, and stay tuned next week for more


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