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NirvanaOnline: Endgame

Welcome to Endgame, the ultimate NirvanaOnline Update!

So you've been there and done that? You need something new and exciting to challenge yourself? Welcome to Endgame. Starting April 16th, the day before Nirvana's 11th anniversary, we'll be rolling out the largest and most transformative update ever. Starting this Friday you'll be able to drop your Credits into the newly-functional Bank. You'll be able to chow down on a variety of different Mystery Meat items. The Vista Dorado expansion will be opening in Zombies In Paradise for our subscribers. Multiple new POIs will open up around the island paradise of Sunali. Unique-to-player Housing will open up for those interested. Visit the new red kiosk in the Monastery to learn more about how to secure your very own one-of-a-kind house. There's a new Player Jumpstart Program to get players back in the game if they've lost everything, and it's also a great kickstart if you're just starting out! The Hall of the Cryptex will reopen and Wyndham's Favor will come into play alongside the Black Boxes once again. New areas of the Monastery will open up and a new precious material will be open to chase for those who are eager to take on the Endgame. A new Exotic Axe called the Bleeding Baptism will be available for those with some Black Market Tokens burning a whole in their pocket. Finally, Zombies will become the new Hardcore sector of NirvanaOnline.

First of all, the huge new Vista Dorado Hotel and associated Expansion Pack will be opening up in Zombies In Paradise. For those of our subscribers who can't wait to invade this new island and unlock all it's secrets, you've got only a few days left to wait. Most of the island and the hotel will be open to you on Friday, alongside a brand-new Quest for you to complete. Later this month we'll open up a new Quarantine Zone somewhere around the Vista Dorado. Later this year we'll also be opening up the Blind Garden 12-player Vault here on the island, but more on that later. The Vista Dorado is a golden, glorious paradise filled with all sorts of new distractions and hundreds more zombies to slay. We only hope you enjoy it as much as we've adored building it!

Speaking of Zombies In Paradise, get ready to chow down at another new POI on the west side of the island. We felt that this area of the island was a little under-developed so we're introducing a new top-tied restaurant and two new Titles to be earned there. Welcome to Roadkill Randy's Mystery Meat rodeo! Chow down on some of the strangest food in all of Sunali with their new Mystery Meat Special! Buy a new Mystery Meat consumable to eat up! There's 32 completely random effects that you could receive from this new item, so pony up and chow down. Eat 25 portions of Mystery Meat to unlock the new Strange Stomach title. Each 100 portions of Mystery Meat to unlock the new Brave Belly title!

That's about it for the new content coming to the game, as the rest of the update is focused on Quality of Life features! Let's get the big one out the way now: Zombies Hardcore. The core focus of NirvanaOnline: Endgame is to make the Zombies In Paradise experience feel more tactical and more like a natural next step in the NirvanaOnline experience. Now when you enter Zombies In Paradise or the newly-prototyped Zombie Bayou you'll notice that death is a bit more meaningful now. Dying inside of any Zombies game world means you'll lose all of your Credits and all of your gear. Your Credits will likely be gone forever, but if you're fast enough you'll be able to return and pick up any gear that wasn't stolen by other players. PvP will remain on in Zombies In Paradise, so be wary of your fellow Survivors...

This new hardcore Zombies experience also introduces a new Gameplay Loop to the world of NirvanaOnline. You'll now want to spend your weekdays unlocking new Vault and Raid gear to outfit yourself for your weekend excursions into Sunali. In Sunali you're playing for the big leagues now, so you're going to want to be careful about what you bring in. No more lugging around every single piece of gear you've ever unlocked. You'll want to make sure you're carrying enough to support your playstyle and your goals, but not so much that you'll be left in ruins if you should perish. Fear not though, because we've given you some tools to pick yourself back up if you should fall.

The first self-preservation tool you'll notice is the new Banking feature. You can find one of these new Banks located near the Shop in the Monastery, and another in the lobby of Zombies In Paradise. You'll have the option to deposit/withdraw Credits in increments of 10, 100, 1000, and 10000. Credits are stored on the game's scoreboard, so you never have to worry about losing them. You'll still need to withdraw them from time to time if you hope to make a purchase from a Shop. When purchasing from a Shop with Credits, you cannot use Banked Credits to make your purchase. For now we'll also be placing a 250,000 Credit limit on all Credits you can deposit into the Bank. Any leftover Credits will happily live on in the Hall of Divination though, if you're feeling generous.

Another tool that's designed to get you back up on your feet, or help you start off your NirvanaOnline adventure is the Player Jumpstart Program. Find the white kiosk in the Monastery foyer to take advantage of this new program! If you're finding yourself without and Credits and without money in the Bank, you can head to this kiosk and we'll give you 150 Credits on the house to get you going! After you grab this little gift, make sure to head to the Shop to grab whatever gear and consumables you'll need to get you going. We also recommend grabbing the Daily Rewards while you're there, just to make sure you're getting every little freebie you can!

Next up you'll be happy to know that the Hall of the Cryptex has reopened in the Monastery, so you can continue plugging codes into the Cryptex as your heart desires! Additionally, we've reopened the Room of Riches with new kiosks to purchase Black Boxes if you're so inclined. You're also going to start finding opportunities to unlock Wyndham's Favor from Zombies In Paradise. One of these opportunities lies within the Black Market and can be purchased with Exorcised Essence. Wyndham's Favor can also be purchased in the Shop for 120 Credits each. Every Wyndham's Favor grants a consumable or crafting material to EVERY player currently on the server. Black Boxes are a premium level item, and therefore give 4 of these rewards to everyone, and even include a small 4% chance to unlock a whole new activity (possibly even a Vault) for everyone in the game!

On the topic of new things you can purchase from the Sunali Black Market, there's also a new Exotic Axe available for purchase with Black Market Tokens/Exorcised Essence! The Bleeding Baptism is a wicked new weapon for both PvP and PvE battles. While holding this Exotic you'll be immune to knockback attacks at the price of losing a couple points of Armor. While this weapon certainly isn't made for every combat situation, it'll definitely be useful for tanking large bosses and any skeletons wielding knockback bows! Starting grinding out those Exalted Exorcisms today to unlock this beautiful new weapon.

Next up, we can't wait to tell you about our new premium Unique-To-Player Apartments! Head to the red kiosk in the Monastery to get started. Once you purchase your new Keeper Apartment you'll be free to use it however you wish. There's 12 Shulker Boxes on one of the walls, 2 chests, and 1 ender chest. There's also a Shulker Station, a bed, and a collection of crafting tables. The best part about this? It's all yours and completely inaccessible to other players! To learn more about this, head on over to the Keeper Apartments in the Monastery and check out all we have to offer!

Finally, there's a new precious material in town... Synthesis Neurons! These wild and mysterious new materials can be deposited into their slots in the Monastery as part of a huge new community endgame challenge. A new Violet Mirror has appeared in the Monastery and this one will need to be woken up if you'd hope to use it. Zane Wyndham's been dead for a few months now, and players are actively working together to help revive him as part of NirvanaOnline's evolving story. Socketing these Synthesis Neurons into the frames around this new hall will help to revive Zane Wyndham (should the Afterlife Armory plans fail to come to fruition). You'll be discovering new ways to unlock Neurons in Zombies In Paradise. You can unlock one of them by completing a ZIP Quest every week. Since there's going to be 5 Quests active this upcoming weekend, that's 5 Neurons per weekend. Another Neuron can be unlocked by each player that completes Keiki Kupua, so gather up your friends and take on what's now the biggest and most brutal challenge in our repertoire!

That should rap up most of the details you'll need to know about the NirvanaOnline Endgame Update! We hope you're just as excited as we are for this expansive and completely transformative update to NirvanaOnline and Zombies In Paradise! There's also more than 200 bug fixes and balancing tweaks that we've introduced to the game, though we figured you'd be happy for us to skip over all of those. In addition to all of this, you'll also find a plethora of new secrets and mysteries to chase around both NirvanaOnline and our Zombies titles. We have been overjoyed to serve you these last 11 years, and we can't wait to see what the next 11 years will bring! Thanks for everything, and we'll see you in Sunali this weekend!