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Introducing the Swashbuckling Summer Update!

It's been a long year, and it's been a fantastic 8 months since Zombies In Paradise first launched, but now we're ready to push the borders and push the limits of what's possible in both NirvanaOnline and on the beloved, zombie-infested, tropical paradise of Sunali...

Welcome to the Swashbuckling Summer Update. Launched at 1:00 PM on July 9th, this incredible new update is ready to shake up both Zombies In Paradise and NirvanaOnline alike.

Cutlass Cay

First up on the list, ZIP has a new POI! Head to the north side of Timeshare Town to find yourself in Cutlass Cay, the newest Point of Interest in Zombies In Paradise. Here you'll find a shipwrecked pirate ship, an authentic pirate's tavern, and a mysterious new abode with more mysteries that you're ready for. Head into the shipwreck on the west side of Cutlass Cay to speak with one of the new NPCs... Captain Strangebeard! This lovable fellow sailed here all the way from the distant Isles of Anarchy, bringing with him tons of stolen pirate treasure, and he's asking you to help him recover it! Check out the Ship Sightings board to find leads that'll point you towards instances of our new activity type: Pirate Plunders!

Pirate Plunders

This is the newest activity type to arrive in Zombies In Paradise. Be on the lookout for four of these strange pirate ships parked off the coast of Sunali. You'll need a Riptide Trident to be able to access them, so come prepared. Aboard the main deck of these ships you'll find a continuous spawn of the Skeleton Crews. These Skeleton Crews have a small chance to drop a Treasure Chest. Farm these Crews until you've acquired a chest to take back to Captain Strangebeard.

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests are the newest and one of the most profitable ventures you'll undergo all around Nirvana and Zombies In Paradise from now on! Each chest type has a completely unique loot pool, possibly containing hundreds of Credits, Emeralds, some Netherite Scraps, a variety of Enchanted Books, and more! Depending on which Chest you find will determine which Keys you'll need to open it. A Crimson Horizon Chest from ZIP will also require a Crimson Horizon Key. Keys can be obtained randomly through the loot pools of chests in ZIP. Without a Key, a Chest is essentially worthless. There are multiple types of Chests and Keys out there, so getting a matching pair will not happen right away. Another thing to keep in mind is that Chests and Keys will vanish if dropped in ZIP, so be careful to stow them away for future use if need be.

Heirloom Chests

Heirloom Chests are functionally similar to Treasure Chests, but require special Keys purchased from a new Shop hidden somewhere in the Monastery. Every Vault that has been updated with a secret Vault Exotic now has the ability to drop Heirloom Chests. These chests can be redeemed from somewhere in the Monastic Badlands and contain the best of the best rewards. Every Vault with a Vault Exotic has a 4% chance to drop its Exotic, but now we've added to that loot pool to include a 16% change to drop an Heirloom Chest, meaning you'll have a bonus 20% chance to get something good at the conclusion of your favorite Vaults!


Vegnacite is the newest way to acquire archaic antiquities and stunning exotic rewards all around Nirvana! Purchase one of the Vegnacite Packs now on sale in the Monastery to infuse yourself with buying power unlike anything you've ever acquired! Vegnacite is a premium currency, but fear not, because Vegnacite may be purchasable with real "hard" currency, but it can also be obtained with hard work and vigilance in-game. Subscribers can collect 5 Vegnacite per day just by collecting their daily rewards, and all players will be able to find special Unstable Vegnacite items in various loot pools around Nirvana and ZIP. In the future we'll also be introducing new content to The Asylum that will allow players to farm some extra Vegnacite on a daily basis.

Use Vegnacite to purchase Heirloom Keys to open those Heirloom Chests you'll be gathering up from across the various game worlds. Vegnacite can also be used to purchase special consumables and give different abilities to players who have the coin. Vegnacite purchases will not give any player a competitive advantage over any other, so no worries that someone will take you down in Nirvana Royale because of a Vegnacite purchase. Vegnacite can be used to improve the experience for all players through purchases like Black Boxes and Wyndham's Favor, and even some fun global effects like Moonwalking Minutes and Jumpstart Sprints that allow all players to get a little silly with their Nirvana experience.

The Manic Splash Pack

Also on sale today is the introduction of the Manic Splash Pack in Zombies In Paradise. This variety pack will allow players access to two great new pieces of content that were originally tied to ZIP donations. The Splashdome Undercroft Quarantine Zone will see you delving into the depths beneath this iconic Sunali waterpark to collect new items that will open up access to a new Raid that's also included in the pack. The Manic Volcanic Raid is another part of this epic pack. Descend into an underground parking garage that somebody thought would be fun to build underneath an active volcano. Navigate tricky terrain and dodge between an army of motor vehicles as you try to escape out of Sunali via underground tunnel. The Manic Splash Pack provides permanent access to both the Quarantine Zone and the Raid, though you'll still need to use the QZ to access the Raid after each weekly reset. This pack can be purchased with Vegnacite acquired either through direct purchase or in-game pursuit!

Crossbones Cove

You've been hungry for another Quarantine Zone, and so we're more than happy to deliver! That mysterious mini-POI underneath the Caspian now finally has a use (other than making for a weirdly-fun Hide-and-Seek locale). Complete any ZIP Quest at least once to access this new Quarantine Zone. Thanks to a recent update you'll no longer need to complete a Quest every single week, you just need to complete at least one Quest once! While you're here, take a look around a bit, there might be some new secrets on the way, and a careful eye on Crossbones Cove will server the most eagle-eyes Survivors quite well...

Tarnished Treasury 2.0

Due to a recent resurgence in popularity, we've decided it's time to give the old Tarnished Treasury a fresh set of code. The Tarnished Treasury is now accessible once per day, rather than once per hour. Before you freak out, you'll be happy to know that there's a whole new class of rewards available for those of you that are able to collect all 15 Tarnished Tokens in a single run of the Treasury. In addition to doubling the payout of all Tarnished Tokens in the Treasury, we've hidden a very special Treasure Chest for those players who cash out with all 15 Tokens in their possession. We've also patched up a laundry list of glitches and exploits, as well as making the Treasury Guards more reliable in their spawning habits. Lastly, we've added introduction text to the beginning of your Treasury run, and more text every time you acquire a Tarnished Token, to help you keep track of which ones you've already found.

Two New Vault Exotics

From the data we've collected, we've seen an astounding response to the Fatefang Vault Exotic hidden in the deepest depths of Black Mamba. As a result of this, we've doubled down on our initial promise to deliver a new Vault Exotic this month by adding two new Vault Exotics this month! Delve into Starfire Spire to claim a new Vault Exotic as well as our new Heirloom Chests to claim additional prizes and rewards. Additionally, for those of you that have grinded your way through Chernobyl Carnivale, you'll be able to find another new Exotic and more new Heirloom Chests hidden away in the depths of Roswell Carnivale's groundbreaking Cryptid Catacombs Vault! Venture into both of these Vaults and come away with Vault Exotics unlike anything you've collected before on your adventures throughout Nirvana!

New ZIP Innovations and Improvements!

In addition to tons of great grand-scale content, this update comes with tons of new tweaks and additions that makes the game even greater on an incremental scale. New spawns have been programmed into the initial spawn button as you get ready to head into Sunali. Sand along the beaches of Sunali has been smoothed out. Red arches have been added to the front of the VegnaLand boardwalk to help you identify the correct path to the park. A new Apex World Boss has been added to a previously-unutilized area of the island, new tweaks and improvements to the forests and beaches around the island have appeared, and back-end optimizations continue to improve loading times and overall graphical fidelity across a range of hardware archetypes.

Overall, we've got a ton of new updates, fixes, and changes coming your way with this update. We love how you've been enjoying yourselves around Nirvana this summer, and we hope that this epic update will help you to continue to do just that. Good luck Survivors, and good luck you rotten scallywags ;)


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