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Introducing the PoltercrystOnline Deluxe Edition Upgrade!

We're just under a month away from the release of NirvanaOnline's most spectacular game world yet, and the reveals aren't finished just yet! Those Keepers who are eager to experience more of the cosmic horrors awaiting in the Ghost Dimension of Nirvana will be excited to learn that PoltercrystOnline will be shipping with a Deluxe Edition Upgrade. The Deluxe Edition of PoltercrystOnline comes with access to two incredible adventures within the Poltercryst, a new Player House, and a bank of in-game currencies to aid you in your adventures into Nirvana's original heart of darkness...

The Root Canal 12-player Vault

The Root Canal. Even the name sends a shiver down your spine. This 12-player Vault takes you into the heart (or rather, mouth) of a giant beast with the goal of vanquishing it once and for all. You'll navigate grotesque hallways lined with teeth and even fight the final boss right in the mouth of the grand atrocity. Players had better bring their best weapons and armor for this one, because players are going to need them if they hope to take home the new title of Painsmith!

Nekropolis 4-player Raid

The Nekropolis 4-player Raid takes players to an ancient ruins on the western edge of the Stagnant. This one-of-a-kind Raid takes the form of a hybrid boss-rush. Players will fight nearly a dozen mini-bosses as they continue to climb the levels of Nekropolis, with short sections of adds to clear in between each. Players start at the bottom of the crimson towers and will begin to slowly make their way up towards the final boss! This is one of our favorite Raids we've ever created, and we think you're going to love it!

Death's Dawn Player House

Are you death incarnate? Do you wish your house was inside of a giant skull? Well, now it can be! The Death's Dawn Player House is situated just above our brand new Reaper's Hourglass Hive! Players can enjoy the picturesque views of the abyss from the (nose holes?) of the skull and utilize all of its many amenities. The Death's Dawn Player House has all of the staples and usual crafting stations, but this house also features a Shulker Box Station, an Ender Chest, and the ability to jump straight from the front of the skull to the starting point for the new Hive below! The Death's Dawn Player House is a staple for any goth-lover or morbidity enthusiast!

Pre Order Now!

The Poltercryst Deluxe Upgrade is now available for pre-order! Pre-order this pack now from the kiosk in the new PoltercrystOnline alcove in the Monastery and secure your access to Root Canal 12-player Vault, the Nekropolis 4-player Raid, the Death's Dawn Player House, 1000 Credits, a Chest of Keys, 10 Trick or Treat Cards, and 6 new Titles earnable through the Root Canal and Nekropolis!

Head to the new kiosk in the Hall of Portals and pre-order your Deluxe Edition Upgrade today, and we'll see you in the Poltercryst on June 3rd!


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