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October 1st Launches

Well well well.... it would seem that the Season of Discovery is almost upon us. The Season of Royale had a good run, but now it's time for a change. Mortieu will no longer be the featured game world in NirvanaOnline and that title will instead go to Marstown. Read on for a comprehensive list of everything that will be arriving and changing on October 1st with the Season of Discovery. Please note that there's one MAJOR addition to the game that we will be leaving out of this article so as to preserve the theme of the Season of Discovery. This also applies to many specific details regarding MarstownOnline. Enjoy...

First and foremost, MarstownOnline will be arriving as the very first episode of Zane Wyndham's Phantom Hour! This mysterious limited-time event is upon us and brings a whole new mini game world to NirvanaOnline! MarstownOnline is inspired by a mix of the Roanoke colony and the Jonestown cult. What happens when a fanatical cult goes missing in the middle of the night, leaving in their wake a deranged compound of mystery and terror? Players will have to dive into MarstownOnline to find out, as many of the specific details regarding this release are being protected by the Season of Discovery. However, we will tell you exactly what kinds of content you can be on the lookout for while you're exploring:

  • 1 new District

  • 2 new Strikes

  • 1 new Dungeon

  • 1 new Pulsis Ritual

  • 1 new Pinnacle Activity

  • 4 new World Bosses

  • 1 new Arena

  • 1 new Maze

In addition to all of these traditional activities, there's a new World Event called the Culling that will be occurring each night as players investigate overworld Marstown. If you'd like to avoid a widespread massacre, it might be best to remain indoors after dark, or evacuate Marstown altogether when you see the sun setting...

MarstownOnline will be available from October 1st to October 31st.

Next up, we're adding a new type of activity to the game with the Season of Discovery. This is a little gem we like to call a Pinnacle Activity. These are a type of activity with such unique rules and game mechanics, that it doesn't quite fit into the archetypes of any other activity in the game. You might have already seen that we are adding one of these to MarstownOnline. In addition to Marstown's The Repentance and Mortieu's The Teeth of X'al X'ur, we have another Pinnacle Activity coming to the Monastery for those of you who would like to see a little bump in your bank accounts for the High Roller Update arriving on October 1st.

The Tarnished Treasury is an all-new Pinnacle Activity that challenges players with raiding a bank vault miles beneath the surface of the earth beneath the Monastery. Players will notice that these bank vaults are securely guarded by a collection of guards and monsters alike, so it's going to take quite some doing to grab their Tarnished Tokens and make it out alive. Complete a perfect run of the Tarnished Treasury and you'll be awarded with 75 levels! That's an amazing haul for a single-player activity! Additionally, since this activity is paying out so handsomely, players will only be able to access the Treasury once per every 3 in-game days, once about once per hour. We cannot wait for players to start formulating their own strategies and plans of action for escaping this unique new activity alive!

The Tarnished Treasury will be immediately unlocked for all players starting October 1st, and will be available from the main foyer of the Monastery. Check out the alcove between the Hall of Portals and the Horizon Hall to access this content.

Once you've earned your riches from completing multiple runs of the Tarnished Treasury, you'll want to take those coins to the nearest housing shop and procure one of our latest and greatest new houses and mega-mansions! At the core of the High Roller Update is a series of new houses for our wealthiest players to indulge themselves in. There's four new houses in the update (at least from what we will tell you about).

The Wyndham Estate is the largest and more decadent house in all of NirvanaOnline. For 4 years it was the private estate of the game's creator: Zane Wyndham. This massive house has more than just a few secrets up its sleeves. You'll notice the rose garden, secret attic rooms, grandiose dance halls, and private swimming pool will keep you quite busy and quite entertained for years to come. We've even added the ability for you to invite your friends in for private events. This opulent new estate is not only just the largest house in NirvanaOnline, it's also the most expensive, so you'll likely want to be saving your coins...

The Waterfall Terrace is modern, Beverly-Hills-style mansion that you'll find floating just off the edge of Ikarus' Vineyard Canton. With great views of the canton, this simplistic-yet-gorgeous mansion is surrounded by an encompassing waterfall that can be seen drizzling down from the edges of the mansion's reflecting pool. This palatial house not only comes with a new place to rest your weary head, but it also includes complete bragging rights over your friends.

Next we have the Astroliner 3000. Have you ever wanted to own your own private jet? Because thanks to the folks that manage the Ikarus housing shop, you totally can! This incredible player houses soars thousands of feet in the skies, and offers all kinds of unique amenities that are sure to delight every player. Secure this unique property now to ensure that you're the envy of all your friends.

Finally, Gallagher Hall is the latest piece of property available in Sidewinder Springs. This old plantation house was once abandoned by its original owners before being picked up by the Black Mountain Real Estate Co. Nobody knows for sure why anyone would abandon such a lush and gorgeous estate like this in the middle of the desert, but who's to say? Find this incredible property to the east of Outlaw Gulch and collect a decadent new place to rest your weary head after a long day of hunting down cowboys and cowpokes.

Next up, we know you've been hotly anticipating some new content for Mortieu and Nirvana Royale, so here you go. The first new addition is a brand new activity for you to engage in while you await your next game of Nirvana Royale. While the main lobby of Mortieu is a strictly non-PvP area, this mesmerizing new Arena to the southeast is fair game! The Ground Zero Arena is our latest PvP arena that comes with the new Operation Withered Rose.

At launch, we promised that we would continuously update Nirvana Royale every three months, and October 1st marks the start date of our newest Operation. The lightning around Mortieu will cease and new withered roses and a new threat will appear in the Dusklight City to change up how Nirvana Royale gameplay works. Discover a new underground rose garden and take to Dithoxys for the fight of your life when Operation Withered Rose begins on October 1st.

Finally, we have an exciting announcement. In the past we have released a few Blackout Drops here and there, but this time we are doubling down. October 1st will feature the release of the largest and most incredible Blackout Drop we've ever released. Additionally, we will also be releasing a brand new Blackout Drop EVERY SINGLE WEEK for the entire Season of Discovery! Keep checking back weekly to discovery what we have in store. The first player who finds this massive first Blackout Drop is in store for the surprise of a lifetime. You'll really never believe it when you see it...

Lastly, we'd like to tell you about some new currencies we will be rolling out on October 1st. These are the all-new Echelons. Each flagship game world will be receiving this new point system, and accumulating them in each game world will require some time and strategy. Echelons can be acquired by completing Strikes, Raids, Mazes, Trials, and Vaults. Each activity awards a different amount of Echelons based on the duration and difficulty of the activity type. For example, a Strike awards 5 Echelons per completion, while a Vault awards 50 Echelons per completion. Accumulating 500 Echelons from a single game world gives players the ability to claim a passport from that game world. Passports are similar to player housing titles, and allow you access to specific pieces of content around the game worlds. Collecting all current passports awards access to the VIP lounge in the Monastery. As new flagship game worlds are released, new passports will be added and will increase the requirements for maintaining VIP access. VIP status is a very prestigious title, and comes with some very prestigious secret rewards. Unlock all of the passports to figure out what that means for yourself...

Head to the new annex above the Horizon Hall to begin your Echelon accumulation, and to access the VIP lounge when the time comes.

The Season of Discovery begins October 1st and brings with it a plethora of new content. Additionally, this means an all-new secret Isle of Anarchy ripe for the picking. For all the content detailed here, there's even more surprises, renovations, and content additions hiding all over NirvanaOnline, waiting to be found. The update will be going living overnight, so get ready because on Tuesday morning you'll have a lot of work to do...

See you then, Keepers...

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