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The Season of Discovery

Welcome to the Season of Discovery, the next major phase in the evolution of NirvanaOnline!

Read on below to discover what all we have in store for the next four months of 2019! Also, if you're afraid that you won't be able to find everything the Season of Discovery holds, go check out the new NirvanaOnline wiki at as they are sure to have some guides and helpful hints to allow you to find all of the content!

First of all, we are going to be kicking off our summer lineup with Blacksite: Storm 51. This new 4-player Raid will be introduced with its own portal in the Monastery from September 16-27. This epic Raid will challenge players to work together in teams of 4 to invade the famous Area 51 and steal away with alien technologies never before released from the treasured laboratories that lie beneath this mysterious military base!

Next up, we are proud to welcome you to our next Mini Game World (MW) starting on October 1st. MarstownOnline is the next portal you'll see opening up in the Monastery this fall. This new limited-time game world will take you to an agricultural belt in northern Arizona in search of a fanatical cult that has mysteriously disappeared. You'll stumble upon an abandoned church and village along with a long-forgotten graveyard and a corn plantation that'll surely send a shiver down your spine. Just beware of what happens when the sun goes down and that invisible gong rings out in the distance. Maybe it's best to explore this place during the day and leave the nighttime alone....

In November we've got the long-awaited return of Roswell Carnivale with the Black Friday 1989 Expansion Pack! The Astroplex Mall to the east of the park has finally opened its doors and shoppers are welcomed in to the mall just in time for the biggest shopping event of the year! There's a huge new district to explore that's filled with loot and hidden wonders for you and your friends to uncover. From a new Pulsis Ritual to a couple new dungeons, this expansion pack will remind you of everything you've always loved about Roswell Carnivale while bringing you new experiences and memories for another whole month of excitement!

Lastly, in December comes Krampus March, our long-awaited MW themed around the winter holidays. While this batch of content is technically non-denominational, you're welcome to hum your favorite holiday tune while you explore it! This MW features an epic new Raid as well as a load of friendly content for you to engage in while you take a relaxing break from some of the hardcore thrills we've been loading you up with all year. Don't worry though, as there's still a ton of fun and thrills to be found in KrampusMarchOnline, but it's not nearly as intense as some of those you'll find in Marstown. It's also a lot less gloomy and quite a bit more cheerful, if that's more of your tune.

Additionally, there's something special hidden inside every single new release that we've prepared for you this fall. We are proud to introduce Pinnacle Activities: All new ways to experience NirvanaOnline content. This is a brand-new activity type that's crafted without the rules and archetypes that define the other activities in NirvanaOnline. Essentially, these are some all-new levels that we didn't quite know how to individually classify, so we gave them all a broader term to define what players can expect within. From the horrors of Marstown's Repentance to the delightful charm of Krampus March's Polar Roller, there's no shortage of fun and intrigue associated with these levels.

Lastly, we have a major transformative quality-of-life (QOL) update in the works. This is the perfect addition for anyone who loves to make money, because you're going to be making a ton of it. The High Rollers Update will arrive in NirvanaOnline with the launch of MarstownOnline. This massive new update will bring more changes to the game than we are even going to tell you about. There's 6 new currencies being added to the game alongside new player houses to spend your riches on and some taboo new ways for you to accrue wealth (like a high stakes robbery)! Stay tuned to our official social media channels for more information about the High Rollers Update as it gets closer to release. We think you're going to love it. Come for the wealth, stay for the secrets...

Oops, one more thing. Mortieu's second operation will also be arriving for Nirvana Royale on October 1st as well. There's going to be some new areas added to Mortieu as well as some new challenges and features, so stay tuned for more on that as well! :D

And that's the Season of Discovery, folks! What do you think? Are you going to prevail in your quest to become the richest player in NirvanaOnline? Will you discover every secret this season has to offer? Only time will tell...