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The Independence Update

Tomorrow marks the final major transformative update for NirvanaOnline this summer, but it comes bearing more than just updates to NirvanaOnline...

Welcome to the Independence Update. To celebrate the Fourth of July, we'll be adding a plethora of new content to the game with an all-new look and feel. First of all, we are excited to announce that we've hit our first Patreon goal and the town of Fort Atlas in Sidewinder Springs has finally been unlocked! Take the railways from either Outlaw Gulch or Black Rock Ridge and you'll find a brand-new military fort has popped up in the middle of the desert! You'll be delighted to know that Fort Atlas comes with more than just a new district, there's also a frantic new arena to compete in, and new secrets to uncover!

Next up, we've heard your pleas for new Sidewinder Springs content, and this is a little something we've been working on since before we knew that Fort Atlas was going to be releasing this week. The Mandito Mesa game pack will be arriving near Black Rock Ridge and brings with it a new Player House, Pulsis Ritual, Strike, and World Boss! Four new activities make their way into Sidewinder Springs with this content update, and you may notice that we've laid out the ground work for something special coming down the road ahead...

Next we'd like to tell you about some of the smaller additions and upgrades to Sidewinder Springs and its surrounding territories. We've been updating world bosses, reprogramming dungeons, and adding content where it felt a little sparse. What we've created is a Sidewinder Springs that you'll want to return to and explore all over again. The housing shop has been reworked and is now functional, and aesthetic upgrades are all over the place. Go check them out!

Additionally, Zone Zero will be arriving alongside the rest of the Kozmodrome Expansion Pack. Head on out and see what you can uncover south of Chernobyl Carnivale and take the fight to the new Vault to uncover all sorts of exciting new loot and treasures to take with you into the rest of Nirvana!

Next, the Monastery has been receiving some updates over the past week. We've added new purchasable items in the main shop. The new Fireworks Shop has opened. The Peregrine Emporium has new weapons and armor in stock, and a certain secret emporium has had the rest of its stock go up for sale...

One thing you'll notice is that a new room has been added to the main foyer of the Monastery. This room should be completely disregarded, and we are not going to comment on it whatsoever, so please don't even ask. There's also been some new grates added to the flooring around the Monastery. Whatever could those be for?...

Lastly, there are two major changes coming to NirvanaOnline in the way of branding. As you might have noticed, we've been producing NirvanaOnline for over 4 years now and until now it hasn't had an official logo! That's all about to change as you'll start seeing the new NirvanaOnline logo popping up all over our website and social media starting tomorrow. Here's a look at the new logo below.

And here is the colorized version of the logo...

Then, to accompany the new logo is a redesign of the NirvanaOnline Activities Sheets. This has been done for three reasons. Firstly, the new sheets are now much more condensed and use up half as much paper when printed out. Secondly, these new sheets will effectively function as the overall directory for you to find and select activities all over NirvanaOnline. Lastly, we wanted to update the visuals of the sheets and even incorporate our new logo so that they are a little bit more interesting to look at as you peruse them at your leisure. Take a look at the new look of these sheets below!

Finally, we've added dozens and dozens of bug fixes to Mortieu and Nirvana Royale. Several bugs affecting duplicate chests spawning in within the Clocktower Ward have now been fixed. An issue that allowed players to kill each other and disqualify each other from Nirvana Royale while in the lobby has now been addressed. An exploit that allowed players to win Nirvana Royale even if they were not the last player alive has also been addressed. New content has also been added to the Vexation Ziggurat and new chests have had themselves filled! Go on and check it all out!

Are you excited for the Independence Update? 6 new pieces of content for Sidewinder Springs and 6 new pieces of content for Chernobyl Carnivale in addition to quality of life fixes and update? Heck yeah! Let us know what you're most excited for on our new Discord server!