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Announcing Our Summer Lineup Bonus Content!

This morning we announced that we officially have our seventh library client online! Now, we didn't tell any of our clients about this, but we created a secret goal internally to get five new clients on board for this summer. We vowed that if we hit this goal, we would roll out some special content for all of our players, regardless of which server they are playing on! We have three major offerings going out to our players this summer. All of these are timed exclusives to their servers, and will release to a wider audience in August and September.

Mulligan Monty's Intergalactic Super-Awesome Bounty Brigade

First of all, we have the Hot Mess that is Mulligan Monty's Intergalactic Super-Awesome Bounty Brigade! Yes, that's a long name, but it's a large amount of content!

Eight new World Bosses, one exclusive boss battle for each of our seven client libraries as well as a one for NirvanaNet. Travel to each of these servers throughout the summer to collect all of the weapons that are available. In addition, there's a brand-new Apex World Boss hidden somewhere close-to-home in Adytum. It's the first of its kind, it drops an incredible weapon, but it comes with an incredible challenge. We recommend bringing 10 players or more when you fight it, because it's a bit of a doozy...

This content will be available starting Tuesday, June 11th for all of the respective servers. All of these World Bosses will be available across all servers sometime in August.

Moon Falls: 2035

Next, we have something VERY special we've been working on quite some time. It's a full rework of NirvanaOnline's most iconic level. We are proud to present Moon Falls: 2035!

Moon Falls: 2035 is a brand-new, 4-player Raid that takes place 35 years after the events of the original 12-player Vault you all know and love. This comes after the Vexation atrocities and the Pulse have been unleashed upon it, and after the CBZ-253 cryogenic bombs consumed Adytum. You'll still be climbing up the same Moon Falls tower that you know and love, but this time it comes with much more devastating environments. The whole structure has been left to decay, and much of what remains has been left distraught.

You'll fight new enemies and old foes as you find new ways to scale the iconic Moon Falls tower when Moon Falls: 2035 launches at the Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and Waverly Public Libraries during the second session of their respective programs! All other libraries will have limited temporary access to this level during their workshops. NirvanaNet will receive access to this level in August along the permanent unlock access to all remaining servers.

Wyrd Timberland

This one is something special. We won't show you any images of the level just yet because we like to keep our Raids a surprise (yes, you just saw Moon Falls:2035, but let's be honest here; you've seen it a hundred times already). Wyrd Timberland will be taking players into a series of abandoned treetop houses in the forests near Chernobyl Carnivale's Secret Park.

Ascend to the treetops, fight your way to a mysterious island, and claim an epic prize when Wyrd Timberland releases exclusively at the Cedar Falls Public Library on June 25th! All other servers will gain access to this content on September 20th.

What part of this summer are you most excited for? We have a lot of special content coming to a lot of different places this year. Additionally, we

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