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Charlemagne: Vault #6

We know you're hotly awaiting more information regarding the new Vault that releases in just 13 days, and we've finally decided that you've likely waited long enough...

The next major Vault arriving in NirvanaOnline before the July release of Zone Zero is a new 12-player Vault experience that we call: Charlemagne. As you might have already seen in other places on this site, Charlemagne is an ancient necropolis to the east of Mortieu. In recent years, the war for Mortieu and the overall body count that has accumulated because of it has caused the High Houses to start storing their deceased within the halls and mausoleums of Charlemagne. These actions have triggered an ancient curse that, if not contained, threatens to escape Charlemagne and destroy all of Mortieu as we know it!

In fact, if Charlemagne isn't beaten soon enough, it will alter the future of Mortieu as we make future updates to Nirvana Royale! As you might have already guessed, we have at least 18 months of updates in store for Mortieu and Nirvana Royale. We can confirm that one of the future updates to this game world will be greatly affected in one way or another depending on whether Charlemagne can be beaten organically before the curse is released! This is our most difficult Vault we've ever produced, so it will take some major skills, preparation, and practice in order to take it down.

Charlemagne is divided into 4 phases, making it approximately the same length as Starfire Spire, although we can confirm that Charlemagne is much harder! This Vault was designed with bespoke mechanics to ensure that it will stand the test of time and will likely not be beaten within the first week of release. Mechanics strengthen and monsters deal more damage as players progress through the Mausoleums, the Curse Wall, the Hanging Crypts, and the final boss battle on their way towards ending this curse.

So what kind of prize awaits those who best this ultimate challenge, you ask? Since Charlemagne is perhaps the toughest feat in NirvanaOnline, of course it must come with the best reward. A new piece of gear far beyond anything else you'll find in Nirvana awaits you in the deepest crypts of Charlemagne. That's not all, as there's an extra-special reward for the entire playerbase as soon as the final boss of Charlemagne has fallen the players step into the treasure room on the other side...

Are you ready to take on Charlemagne when Nirvana Royale and Mortieu launch in 13 days? That's a trick question, because we know you're not. Get some better gear from one of our two new Apex Dungeons this summer before you start fighting this curse, because you're going to need all the help you can get...