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Introducing: The Anarchy Update

We are very proud to begin the very first update of the 2019 Summer of Nirvana with NirvanaOnline's next major quality-of-life update! This massive update has arrived (seemingly out of left field), and it's a bit of a doozy. The Anarchy Update brings a lot of highly-requested new features and some long-awaited new content. We'll try to keep this brief, but there's a lot to cover in this update, so sit back and welcome to the Anarchy Update!

First of all, the Monastery has gotten a fairly-sizable update with all new hidden hallways to discover, a secretive office, and two new wings to the Hall of Portals. These wings have been placed here to pave the way for many more game worlds in the months and years to come. They also allow us to put on display two special new portals, one of which is already open...

Read this next part carefully: NirvanaOnline now has Survival Mode worlds. Yep, you read that correctly. We are very proud to introduce the new Isles of Anarchy game worlds. These new rotating survival worlds will rotate out every month, constantly providing you with new challenges and a new hardcore survival experience each month. The first of these worlds is Shiversbane, an icy tundra with frozen lakes and mountains of snow and ice. Here, you are free to build (and destroy) whatever you like. The best part is that any and all items you find or craft within the Isles of Anarchy can be taken back into the rest of NirvanaOnline to be sold, traded, or used as you wish. Go check it out today in the west wing of the Hall of Portals.

To supplement this experience, there's a new shop to be found hidden somewhere in the Monastery. If you were with us back in the days of AdytumOnline, you'll remember Mad Marty and his famed Monster Emporium. We're excited to tell you he's back, and his line of contraband monster eggs have joined him. While these new monster eggs can only be used inside the Isles of Anarchy, we know you're going to have a little too much fun with them. The base stock of monster eggs available consists of mostly the tame stuff, but we will be adding new eggs in every Tuesday (similar to how the Peregrine Emporium receives new exotic gear every Friday) until his stock is completely full. You'll have to do some investigating to figure out how to find Mad Marty's Monster Emporium in the Monastery, but let's just say that entrance to his shop looks VERY expensive...

Next up, we have a number of new additions to ChernobylCarnivaleOnline. The main attraction (forgive the pun) is the addition of the Southern Freakshow. This huge new district expansion brings with it 4 new world bosses, as well as some cool new opportunities for unique gameplay and bonus loot! The four new world bosses include The Glasgow Woman, the Eight-Armed Man, Three-Eyed-Jack, and the Bearded Lady. Each of these world bosses drop a new piece of the Deathless gear set, so get ready and be prepared for a fight if you want to grab them all!

Additionally, Chernobyl Carnivale has undergone an extensive legacy update. As you might notice, the park now has its own unique banners scattered around. These are to set CCO apart from the other game worlds and remind players how generally-crazy Chernobyl Carnivale is. Additionally, you'll notice that it's been a while since anyone has mowed the lawn. This is intentional, because this is Chernobyl Carnivale, and even if you don't know much about Chernobyl, you likely know that it's meant to be heavily overgrown. These cosmetic changes are here to reflect that. Lastly, the Secret Park expansion pack has reopened and will reflect these changes too, in addition to some tweaks to Ember's Infernight strike and the Wax Menagerie world boss.

So what do you think of the Anarchy Update? Is it everything you had hoped for? We sure think it's pretty awesome, and we hope you have as much fun playing around with it as we had creating it. We'll have more information soon about a new Vault and more deep dives into Mortieu and Nirvana Royale, but today we figured we would spruce up the main game first. Enjoy!

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