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Zone Zero: Vault #7

While Vault #6 still remains a secret, it's time to talk about Vault #7, it's a little nightmare we like to call: Zone Zero.

Zone Zero is Chernobyl Carnivale's second 12-player Vault. You can expect to find it as part of the Chernobyl Carnivale: Kozmodrome Expansion Pack as one of the many offerings available for CCO this summer. It's the culmination of many different mechanics and technical abilities we have been working on since our first Vault launched in 2017. While it's MUCH easier than Vault #6, which we will tell you about in the coming weeks, it's a lot more accessible to casual players. We wanted to create a difficulty dichotomy this summer with one Vault being super difficult and likely unbeatable, and another that's quite a bit more accessible, and that's where Zone Zero comes in.

Now for some logistics. Zone Zero is a 6-phase Vault, making it the longest Vault run we've ever crafted. It's also the first Vault with multiple boss-battles in-run. That means you'll not only run into that big, bad boss at the end, but there will be two more that will be made apparent as you move through the first couple phases. You'll want to come prepared as these first two bosses will be different from the final boss in that neither of them will have a checkpoint station directly before the battle begins. Come prepared for anything, because Zone Zero has a lot of surprises waiting.

As players move through each biosphere, one common factor will quickly become apparent: there sure are a lot of those trees! That's intentional, and an integral part of the story that's been laced into this Vault. You'll need to complete the whole thing and look through every nook and cranny if you want to uncover it all, so good luck.

Finally, when it's all said and done and the final boss has fallen, you'll be treated to a nice big hunk of player levels, and maybe even one of the rarest and most powerful items in the game! You never know what you're going to find within Zone Zero when it launches this summer, but be ready, and be willing to take on Chernobyl Carnivale's new ultimate challenge. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the release of Zone Zero!

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