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CCO: Kozmodrome Revealed!

This summer, travel to the moon and fight for your life in Mortieu: Nirvana Royale. You'll encounter monstrous creatures and unknown hazards as you traverse the Dusklight City, but where does that story begin, you ask? That's where Chernobyl Carnivale's latest expansion pack comes in.

Chernobyl Carnivale: Kozmodrome takes place in an abandoned Russian Kozmodrome to the south of the park. This expansion pack tells the story of the events that lead up to Mortieu and all that takes place during the age of Nirvana Royale. You'll get to learn more about one of Bellatraux's oldest enemies, and the story of how Bloody Mary began her silent stake in the fate of the Dusklight City.

The Kozmodrome Expansion Pack has a plethora of activities and things to discover. To begin with the content, there's a huge new district that ties this whole expansion pack together, along with two new player houses. There are multiple strikes and dungeons, featuring an all-new Apex Dungeon, one of two to release this summer. There's also an extravagant Gauntlet that challenges players to race against the clock in a fiery time trial unlike anything else. We've also got two new World Bosses and two new Arenas to boot. There's even a new Pulsis Ritual! Finally, there's a huge new 12-player Vault that you'll learn more about soon.

Climb the rocket and buy up a player house hidden within it. Investigate some abandoned laboratories and shut down a dangerous ritual. Discover the source of a radio outage in our largest real-life build to date, and dredge through some abandoned sewers to find lost treasures. There's no end to the adventures you're going to have when Chernobyl Carnivale: Kozmodrome launches early this summer.

Beware the Kadsmadt Radio Telescope, as it brings new wonders and terrors to NirvanaOnline. It's one of our new Apex Dungeons releasing this summer. That means it's a full dungeon filled with very difficult enemies, all of which drop highly powerful gear sets. You'll definitely need to bring some friends if you want to survive in here. Also bring a camera, because the sights are pretty cool down there!

Chernobyl Carnivale: Kozmodrome launches this summer alongside Nirvana Royale to deliver a solid dose of the same PvN content you've come to know and love. Stay tuned for more information about our huge new Vault and the official release date of Kozmodrome as it begins releasing throughout the summer!

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