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Nirvana Royale Revealed!

It's our 9th anniversary today, so what better way to celebrate than to pull back the curtain on the next chapter of NirvanaOnline content.

Nirvana Royale is something a little different than you might have experienced anywhere else. Yes, it is a battle royale experience. Yes, it is built within NirvanaOnline as our next game world. Yes, it is bigger and more complex than any other game world to date. But no, it is not like every other battle royale game on the market. And that's because of a few things...

First of all, most other battle royale experiences have a maximum player count of 100 players or fewer. Nirvana Royale can support up to 256 players in a single instance. Additionally, Nirvana Royale is not just a PvP (player versus player) experience. It's also not a PvE (player versus environment) experience like you've seen us produce in the past. It's also not an entirely PvN (player versus Nirvana) experience. That's because Nirvana Royale is a PvPvEvN experience.

With more enemies than ever before and survival meaning all-or-nothing, players are going to be forced to think on their feet when dropping in to Nirvana Royale. The stage upon which we have set this unique new experience is Mortieu: The Dusklight City. Mortieu is a massive city that was built on the moon by Bellatraux Enterprises to examine and attempt to harnass the powers of an ancient tower known as Dithoxys. As time marched on, the true powers of this dangerous relic began to reveal themselves, and now the city has been evacuated and lies dormant. That's where our dedicated Keepers come in.

Players will be arriving in Mortieu on behalf of one of the High Houses of the New American Wasteland. Based on which House they pledge to, determines what kinds of motives drive them to the city. Some will come for glory and some will come for riches. Some will come to seek out treasure, and others will arrive for revenge.

In addition to battle royale, our main attraction with Mortieu: Nirvana Royale, you'll also find 4 side activities on the outskirts of the city, in addition to 4 world bosses that will be appearing throughout Mortieu. These 4 side activities include a new 12-player Vault (our most challenging to date), a new Apex Dungeon, a new Gauntlet (an all-new game mode!), and a new Pulsis Ritual. Each of these activities will bring new mechanics and new treasures to the world of NirvanaOnline. As always, any loot you obtain in Nirvana Royale, you'll be able to take into our other game worlds as you please.

Additionally, we won't be done with Nirvana Royale when it launches on June 11th. In fact, that's only the starting line for us. We plan to support Nirvana Royale and Mortieu for the foreseeable future, and one of the ways we plan to do so is with Operations. These game-altering events and additions will cycle about every 3 months and each will bring new PvN content as well as new ways to battle it out in the Dusklight City. The first Operation we will be shipping at launch will be Operation Moonstorm, which will bring electrical effects and hazards to the game starting on Day One.

What are you most excited for when Mortieu: Nirvana Royale releases on June 11th? You'll be able to get access to this content for only $5 a month through NirvanaNet, or you can always check it out for free at one of our four client libraries!

The Waterloo Public Library

The Waverly Public Library

The Cedar Falls Public Library

The Denver Public Library

We can't wait to show you more of Nirvana Royale leading up to launch. We think you're going to love what we have in store just as much as we do!

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