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Welcome to Roswell Carnivale

The time has come. The gates have opened. Roswell Carnivale has arrived within NirvanaOnline and NirvanaNet for the next 15 days.

With the arrival of RoswellCarnivaleOnline (also known as 'RCO'), we wanted to give you a peek at all of the content that will be available during this limited time. You'll be able to find a brand-new activities list available for download for free over at our Patreon page. You'll also be able to sign up for NirvanaNet and get access to Roswell Carnivale as well as the Heiram Heights expansion pack if you haven't already.

In this new game world, we have a large variety of content available. At launch, we will have 3 new Strikes, 2 new Arenas, 3 new Dungeons, a new Pulsis Ritual, a new Maze, 7 new World Bosses, and 8 new Districts! We will also be adding a new Raid, a new Vault, and an extra Pulsis Ritual. We also have some secretive Blackout Drops hiding away behind our smoke and mirrors, and a new Enigma for you to solve.

Here is the list of the new activities you'll find when you're adventuring around Roswell Carnivale:

Eckleworth Farm (strike)

Ruination Run (strike)

Colored Canyon (strike)

Funfair's Crown (arena)

Bleeding Forge (arena)

Mothership Interior (dungeon)

Barnyard Blacksite (dungeon)

Fort Fear (dungeon)

Pumpkinspire (pulsis ritual)

Civilization's Grave (maze)

The Black Widow From Outer Space! (world boss)

The Creature From Deep Lagoon! (world boss)

The Darkest One! (world boss)

The Incredible Slime! (world boss)

The Killer Bunny of Karzog! (world boss)

The Pyrian Experiment! (world boss)

The Thing From Beyond! (world boss)

Additionally, our friends who subscribe to NirvanaNet will receive some exclusive content as part of the Heiram Heights expansion pack. Here is the list of exclusive content that will be releasing as part of Heiram Heights:

Monty's Crane Crawl (strike)

Edge of the World (arena)

Code Red Nightclub (dungeon)

Heiram Rooftop East (dungeon)

Mile High Lounge (dungeon)

Demolition Man! (world boss)

The Amazing Flying Man! (world boss)

Lastly, we have the Painted Pyre Pulsis Ritual releasing after the launch of Roswell Carnivale alongside the new Dreameater Vault and the Pipsqueek Panic! Raid. These two new activities will challenge you and your friends to work together in ways you never imagined. You'll be pushed to your limits in ways you never knew a game could...

No matter what kind of content you enjoy the most, Roswell Carnivale will have something for you. You won't want to wait around though, because all of this content disappears forever on April 24th! So soak up all of the content you can, and collect every piece of these new gear sets before it all disappears! We can't wait to see you all in Roswell Carnivale!

Tell us how you plan on spending your time at Roswell! Find us on social media and let us know!

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