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Roswell Carnivale's Content Calendar

Here you go, the Roswell Carnivale 2019 Content Calendar! Get ready for 15 days of wild and unpredictable fun throughout the world of RoswellCarnivaleOnline!

Let's break down the releases one by one.

April 10th - Roswell Carnivale Launches

April 12th - The Heiram Heights Expansion Pack begins rolling out for NirvanaNet subscribers

April 14th - The 4-player Pipsqueek Panic! Raid opens

April 17th - The 12-play Dreameater Vault opens

April 19th - The Painted Pyre Pulsis Ritual opens

April 20th - A mysterious Blackout Drop to be revealed soon

April 21st - A mysterious Blackout Drop to be revealed soon

April 22nd - A mysterious Blackout Drop to be revealed soon

If you're curious about our Pipsqueek Panic! Raid, check out our preview article posted last week. If you are dying for more details about Dreameater, stay tuned as we will pull back the curtain later this week and reveal a number of new details.

Not signed up for NirvanaNet yet? Sign up at to ensure access to Roswell Carnivale and get exclusive access to the Heiram Heights expansion pack during the duration of the RoswellCarnivaleOnline season!


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